Leading Your Customers’ Attention Towards Sale Items

Written by Business Success on . Posted in Acrylic display risers, Lobby sign holder, Mounted brochure holders

Sign holder with brochure pocket

Whenever people think of attracting the attention of consumers within stores, one of the first things they tend to think of is marketing. “How will my advertisements attract consumers?” “How do I lead
customers towards certain items?” In such cases, what you should be focusing on is merchandising.

Merchandising is the act of promoting items and products for sale within retail outlets. Here’s an example: You enter a store and you’re looking for a specific product; however, you become distracted by a similar product that is displayed on an end-cap (the end of aisle display) and decide to buy that instead. Maybe you even found a few other products along the way, ones you didn’t expect to grab, but, hey, you were attracted to them by “your own intentions.”

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