How Secure Is Your Company’s Payment Processing System?

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“You know, they say you are not supposed to buy any of those gift cards at the checkout stands.”
Your 84-year old father points this out as you wait to pay at the grocery store. Fearful of the fraud and identity theft that appears to be never ending in today’s society, senior citizens are not the only Americans worried by the news reports of these events.
A main concern of merchants in today’s economy is secure payment solutions. In an effort to protect both their businesses and their consumers, merchants must contract with companies that provide everything from card not present notifications to other chargeback protection e-commerce options.
Merchant Decisions Determine the Success of Secure Payment Systems
For all of the progress that the electronic payments industry has made in t

How to Practice Safe Online Shopping

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Most people have experienced online shopping at some point. Some people do not enjoy it, preferring to shop for their necessary items in a store, while others solely rely on the convenience of online shopping. Many customers enjoy the ability of shopping at home, looking for items without having to get up from their couch and then waiting for them to be delivered to their front doorstep, without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. Although online shopping has provided customers with a convenient and simple shopping process, customers still need to practice care and safety when purchasing items over the internet.

Global E Commerce sales generate $931,490 every 30 seconds through desktop sales and $269,683 through mobile devices. These numbers show just how prevalent an

Crazy Statistics About Credit Card Usage

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It doesn’t take an industry insider to know that credit cards in America are big business. Odds are, you’ve been using credit for years as a method of paying for things. Most Americans do — as of March 31, 2013, there were over 278 million Visa cards in the United States alone. The rest of the globe collectively carry about 522 million Visa cards, meaning that Americans account for about a third of all Visa card holders worldwide.

But credit usage is actually even more widespread than that statistic implies. Below are some fast facts that will open your eyes even more as to just how big the credit industry is getting, and why protec