A Look At Our Gas Consumption Here In The United States

Written by Business Success on . Posted in Custom calibration gas standards, Disposable cylinders, Environmental gas standards

All throughout the United States, various natural gases are used on an everyday basis. From disposable calibration gas to specialty gas suppliers, the importance of natural gas is certainly not one that should be underestimated. And the statistics that have been gathered on this subject more than support this claim, showing just how impactful natural gas can really be.

In fact, this data even shows that up to 25% of all of the energy generated here in the United States – primary energy, at least – comes from various natural gas sources, such as that of disposable calibration gas. In addition to this, more than 66 million homes all throughout the country are powered, at least primarily, by sources of natural gas such as (but not limited to) disposable calibration gas and the like. Many a business is also powered by various sources of natural gas, very nearly five and a half million of th