The Tumbling Drum Perfect for Your Metal Needs

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For many industries, barrel tumbling–the act of placing a product in a barrel and removing the excess material from it–has been useful for maintaining a pleasing product that is both uniform and without blemishes, important for appealing to a customer base that approves of aesthetics as well as substance.

Tumble finishing, the category in which metal tumbling or barrel tumbling is branched, is by definition a technique for smoothing or polishing a rough surface by working at small parts. In many cases, tumble finishing follows a similar method: a horizontal barrel is used; the product is put into the barrel; it rotates; the excess material slips off the product, due to the presence of gravity.

The tumbling drum is a crucial part of this process. The most used barrel drums vary in length–usually between 18 in

3 Tips to Get You Through a Production Pinch

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Have you ever heard the saying, when it rains, it pours? Anyone who has ever worked a manufacturing job will surely understand that concept. Whether it is the result of an involuntary work stoppage or an increase in demand, you never have a gentle increase in your required output — it always comes all at once.
As we’ve previously written, the surge machine is a great way for your processing or manufacturing line to increase efficiency. But sometimes you need something more to get you over those temporary hurdles, when your demand has itself surged beyond what you are used to handling.
If you’re suffering through a production pinch, here are three tips to improve factory efficiency.

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