Is Your Company Moving Away from the Open Office Space Trend?

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You love getting pumped up by the walk on songs at the college baseball games. You love listening to your daughter and her friend giggle through their weekend get togethers at your house. When you are at work, however, you want to be able to concentrate.
As more and more companies experiment with open work spaces and conferences rooms that allow groups to collaborate there are many workers who struggle to focus. Although there are plenty of times when collaborative spaces can be advantageous, there are also many times when quiet work spaces are needed as well. As a result, after years of creating open work spaces there are many companies who are again finding out how to soundproof an office room. From the smaller soundproof phone booth for office spaces to more typical offices sizes, there are many times when understanding how to soundproof an office room is advantageous.
Soundproof Booths Provide a Way for Workers t