Customers Consider Exterior Cleanliness Just As Important As Interior Cleanliness Parking Lot Services

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How often do you think about the cleanliness of your city?

If the answer is, “Not much.”, then consider yourself lucky! Thanks to the efforts of parking lot cleaning services and commercial street sweeping we are able to enjoy a clean, healthy and beautiful living environment more often than not. This doesn’t mean you can kick back and reap the rewards day in and day out, however. Businesses need to keep up with cleaning services on a weekly basis to ensure they’re presenting the best possible first impression with their customers. This means hiring parking lot sweeping services to get rid of unwanted trash, gum on the sidewalk and stubborn cigarette butts.

The History Of Street Sweeping

Street cleaning has been around for a long time. In fact, one of human civilization’s greatest feats is cleaning up entire cities and towns to keep the population safe! Machines developed specifically for street sweeping measures were first developed during the 19th century, with C.S. Bishop inventing and patenting the very first street sweeping machine back in 1849. Modern street sweepers would later be mounted on truck bodies and able to vacuum debris no matter where it’s placed on the street.

Modern Street Sweeping Initiatives

Cities put a lot of time, effort and money into keeping the streets, sidewalks and parking lots clean. It’s estimated there are over 9,000 companies regularly offering road maintenance services in the country, with the U.S. road and highway maintenance industry employing over 134,000 people. Recent studies have found parking space related pollution in the United States has added up to nearly $20 billion in health and environmental related damages. Street sweeping is one of the most effective ways of keeping both large and microscopic pollutants away from the public.

Common Health Hazards

Unchecked trash is extremely bad for your health. This is where your street sweeper trucks come in. Runoff pollution is a term that describes rainwater or melting snow washing off of bridges, roads, parking lots, roofs and other impenetrable surfaces. These are filled with harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, grease and toxic metals. Street sweepers will collect and remove paper, leaves and any other form of visible debris from the sidewalks and roads on a regular basis. Your business can even encourage customers to step up and take charge by having visible recycling bins and cigarette butt dispensers on standby.

Common Environmental Hazards

As you can imagine, all these chemicals and toxins aren’t good for the environment, either. An excess of trash and bacteria can choke surrounding wildlife, impact plant life and create unclean air, creating a domino effect where everyone and everything is worse off. Street debris isn’t just unsightly, it can block stormwater facilities and create floods, particularly in more crowded areas. Runoff pollution can also affect the quality of water. The most recent National Water Quality Inventory reported runoff from urban areas as the leading source of water quality impairments, meaning parking lot sweeping services absolutely cannot be overlooked if we all want to stay healthy!

The Benefits Of Hiring Parking Lot Sweeping Services

What do parking lot sweeping services do for your business? Just about everything you can think of. They make you money by helping you cultivate a strong first impression for new customers and reminding old customers why they put their faith in your brand in the first place. Well maintained parking areas, sidewalks and yards are key to attracting people and a recent survey found respondents admitting they find exterior cleanliness just as important as interior cleanliness. Schedule a meeting with parking lot cleaners this month and work out a regular schedule to reap the benefits of a better business and a better city simultaneously.

Cleanliness isn’t just a boon. It’s a necessity to live a high quality life. What is your brand promoting every time it opens up its doors for business?

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