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A number of popular ways to get around the United States exist today, from buses to taxis to trains, but another very popular and practical way to get around is on board a private jet, often by means of a business private jet or an executive jet available either for charter or purchase, and a Gulfstream private flight is one example of how today’s business professionals and vacationers alike can get to where they want to go. Why should someone get on board a Gulfstream private flight and get a charter quote for their trip? What are the advantages of a Gulfstream air charter? Taking a jet is even more practical than some may realize, and air travel is popular for a reason.

Air Travel Today

Many millions of Americans take countless flights in commercial jets, and meanwhile, many others either get private jet charters such as a Gulfstream private flight, or they may even purchase their own jet, an attractive option for those with the budget for it. A few years ago, as of 2011, some 11,261 private jets were registered to their owners across the United States, and this figure may be even higher now, in 2019. There are plenty of airports, landing strips, and hangers where these jets may take off, land, and be parked, and jets, if stored properly, can last a long time.

Why get a Gulfstream private flight or any other chartered flight? For one thing, jets can go to places where buses or trains cannot, such as over mountains or oceans. Someone taking a private trip to Alaska, for example, may face a very long trip in a bus and trains might not even get there, but a private flight can make the trip, such as taking off from near Seattle and landing in Juneau or Anchorage some time later. Bodies of water can also block ground-based travel, but not a chartered flight. A business professional could take a chartered flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong, for example, but a bus could not possibly cross the Sea of Japan or the Indian Ocean. And on top of all this, a private jet can be a great place for a business professional to focus and get some work done during their trip. Often, offices are a noisy and distracting place, which is why many workers elect to work remotely via the Internet and has virtual presences in the office, and something similar can be achieved on board a chartered flight. In fact, respondents to a 2009 survey stated that they were 20% more product on board a jet than in the office. This can make jets a great option for traveling business professionals for more than one reason. A person can get a chartered trip with a Gulfstream private flight, for example, or they may choose to buy a plane instead.

Purchase a Plane

Those with the budget and interest can purchase a plane, either a new or a used one, for their own use. A new jet will probably cost the most, but it offers a number of advantages, such as a warranty, not to mention modern standards of fuel efficiency, speed, safety, and on-board features of all kinds. By contrast, a used jet may be purchased for a discounted price, so long as the buyer checks the plane for any issues first. A used jet should have its flight logs looked over, and the jet’s engines, landing gear, interior, and more should be inspected for wear and tear or any other issues, from the tires to the paint job. Someone buying a used jet should also confirm where it had been stored up until now. A jet stored in humid conditions may suffer issues, so a jet stored somewhere dry may be preferred.

The owner of a private jet may also opt to offer their jet for chartered flights to interested customers during times when the owner will not need it for their own travel. This will probably not make a profit, but it can help cover the costs of fuel, maintenance, and crew salaries, making it an attractive option for buyers when they don’t need to do their own traveling.

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