Medical Packaging and Qualified Person Services Help Guarantee the Quality of Medical Products

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Track and trace solution

Medical packaging design serves a number of important purposes. It protects the contents from damage and tampering, and also helps in tracking and quality control. In the EU, all medical products have to be approved by a Qualified Person or QP, before they can be tested or sold. Qualified Person services help pharmaceutical companies to ship their products to the EU and to have them released for clinical trials or sale.

What are some functions of medical packaging?
Pharmaceutical and medical packaging serve many different functions. The packaging prevents breakages and tampering, and it has an important function in tracking the pharmaceutical supply chain. The packaging can be of different types, including blister packaging, bottles, pouches and pre filled syringe pharmaceutical packaging.
Clinical packaging has important information printed on it, containing the date and location of production as well as the batch number. This helps in keeping track of each shipment of medication. For consumers, packaging can contain information about use and dosage, precautions, etc.

Different types of medical packaging
Different types of medical packaging carry important about the products they contain. For example, blister packaging can be printed with information like lot number and expiration date. These can be used for tracking batches and quality control purposes.
Cartooning is also a popular choice for medical packaging. It can carry information and instructions for use as well as accurately labeled vials. Inserts can also contain special offers and information about other products. Pouches are popular because they contain measured doses.

What are Qualified Person Services?
Qualified Person Services offer one more step in quality control of pharmaceuticals. In the EU, a Qualified Person is someone who understands the quality systems used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Qualified Person Services are used to establish that all pharmaceuticals released for clinical trials or sale in the EU are compliant with EU GMP.
Qualified Person services examine documents supplied by the manufacturer to ensure that the pharmaceuticals meet EU standards before being released for distribution. Following approval from the Qualified Person services, the product can be transferred to storage and shipping sites for distribution.

The pharmaceutical supply chain depends on the integrity of packaging and tracking to ensure that products meet the highest standards. Packaging, labeling and qualified person services all help to achieve this goal.

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