Phone Service for Your Business 4 Reasons You Need it

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After hours phone answering service

Phone service is an important part of any business for a variety of reasons. Being able to reach someone when there is a problem is vitally important, since about 80% of people will hang up immediately on a business line when they get a voicemail message. Majority of people, roughly 80%, prefer to reach a business, via phone rather than any other means. This means that phone service for your business could be the difference between a repeat customer or losing a customer. When attempting to reach customer service on a business line, many consumers do not prefer sitting on hold, and about 75% would chose the option to be called back as opposed to sitting on the phone waiting to speak to someone. These reasons are why it is important to implement an after hours call service, 24 hour answering service, and simple phone call answering service for your business.

When looking for phone service for your business, there are a few considerations including 24 hour answering service and real live answering services. Both considerations should be weighed before making a decision. Read below to view some of the benefits of having an answering service for small businesses.

Save Money

When you hire a receptionist you are responsible for paying and training said employee. In order to have this employee available 24 hours a day every day of the week could become very costly. A small business answering service can save money compared to training, book keeping and holiday pay.


With an answering service you can customize what options your customers hear. This allows them to quickly and easily get access to their problems without waiting to be transferred and having to repeat their issue a number of times. Menu options can be customized so customers can get exactly where they need to be with minimum time wasted.

Error Elimination

Every get to a meeting just to realize that the meeting was cancelled and you didn’t get the message. With phone service for your business, you never have to worry about not getting messages. You can automatically retrieve your messages directly from your phone service. This allows you save, store and delete them as they are heard, rather than relying on someone else to give you your messages.

Professionalism is Important

When you have a phone service for your small business, you are able to provide professional quality sounds to your customers no matter what time they call. You can eliminate workers having a bad day, and their bad day translating through to their voice through the phone. You can eliminate frustration turning customers off or making them change their minds. With phone service you can ensure that all of your customers hear a professional sounding voice or recording all the time no matter when they call.

When you chose a phone service for your small business there are many benefits for your business as well as your current and potential customers. With a proper phone service you can meet all your customers needs no matter the time of day. When looking for a phone service provider make sure they offer all the services your business needs for a reasonable price. Don’t be afraid to check prices in order to get the best price for the services you need. In the long run the investment will be a financially wise one.

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