Rid Your Office of Unwanted Noise With These 3 Soundproofing Tips

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Getting work done in an office might seem easy, but it can actually be quite difficult. Unless your office is full of employees who are constantly focusing and spending every second of their day quietly working (not very likely), there is bound to be plenty of noisy distractions throughout the day.

That’s why it’s important to soundproof your office and prevent noise from getting inside, getting out of control, and ruining your employee productivity levels. A noisy environment isn’t just annoying, it can actually be stressful and stressed out employees aren’t exactly the most productive and efficient. Soundproofing an office can actually reduce employee stress by 27%.

Get rid of unwanted noise inside your office environment by performing these various steps:

  • Utilize soundproofing paint – The soundproof paint market is worth approximately $200 million and is actually projected to grow between 30% and 50% each year. Soundproof paint is a great fighter against the noise on two main levels. First, the paint will actually reduce the noise inside the office by absorbing it, subsequently minimizing the noise inside your workplace. Secondly, soundproofing paint will drastically decrease the amount of noise that comes into your office from outside. Minimizing office noise is important, sure, but so is preventing outside noise from coming in.


  • Implement a phone booth office design – A soundproof office booth is a great way to provide a quiet area where your employees can buckle down and concentrate on an essential project. You can build a phone booth or have a few placed around your office for separate areas of quiet concentration. Make sure you’re working with a trusted company who specializes in phone booth office design to get the most out of your phone booth office space.


  • Place plants everywhere – Not only do plants look great around the office, but they also provide exceptional noise-canceling benefits. Plants can help prevent sound waves from reverberating within open office spaces — consider a ficus tree, Peace Lily, Madagascan Dragon tree, or a Kentia Palm.

If you want to learn more about how to soundproof an office room and keep all that unwanted loud noise out of your office, give us a call today and start planning out your phone booth office designs!

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