Working In the Construction Industry? Ditch the Ladder and Use Aluminum Scaffolding

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Aluminum scaffolding is an extremely important part of the construction industry. It’s estimated that there are currently 2.3 million construction workers in the U.S. that rely on various scaffolds for their work. From scaffold rentals to durable newly built products, there are various reasons to use these construction tools so workers can access high structures and perform difficult tasks.

Using scaffold platforms has become an essential part of construction and other industrial operations so workers can safely perform jobs at otherwise dangerous heights. Though it’s still extremely dangerous to work even on the most secure and well put together aluminum scaffolding, construction workers should remain cautious throughout their task and not make any careless movements while up high.

Far too many accidents and serious worker injuries are a result of poor scaffolding, which is why it’s so important for site managers to ensure that all scaffolding is following safety standards and extremely safe to work on.

Some construction workers believe that working with ladders is just as effective as secure scaffolding, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you need to change a quick lightbulb, sure, a ladder will suffice. But if you or any member of your construction team is working extremely high, above a construction site, and performing difficult tasks, a ladder simply won’t get the job done. That’s where scaffolding comes in.

Imagine trying to move heavy materials and machinery up and down frequently to complete a construction task — it’s virtually impossible on a ladder or without a strong scaffold. What about having to access high points of a structure multiple times or in different areas? Are you really going to pick up and physically move the ladder to your destination each time you have to go up to perform a task? No! Don’t overwork yourself or your team more than you have to — use proper scaffolding and get the job done fast and right.

Talk to trusted scaffold companies to find either rentals or brand new scaffolding that your team of construction workers can use this summer to avoid injury and accomplish any task.

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