Stainless Steel as a Preferred Building Material


What is steel strapping? Stainless steel is one of the most durable and lasting materials on the planet. Straps are used to combine or hold items together. When you combine the benefits of steel and strapping, you are left with an extremely strong and essential product. You are also left with a steel strapping product that is used in many different industries around the world.

The environmental benefits of the steel product

In addition to being extremely durable, stainless steel is also very recyclable. Two out of every three tons of new steel comes from old recycled stock and byproducts, such as processing liquids and steelmaking slags and dust, can also be extracted and sold. Considering that there are already so many industries utilizing steel strapping for their products, it is easily broken down, recycled, and then resold to new manufacturing industries. Many steel suppliers will sell both new government steel strapping seals, as well as recycled and previously used steel products.

Stainless steel, more advanced than ever

Although stainless steel has always been a widely used and extremely durable product, it is actually much stronger today than it was many years ago. Steel products still have a minor temperature change factor that needs to be accounted for when using. Though it has a notably higher resistance than many, as with all metals, stainless steel reacts to changes in temperature, expanding and contracting. The construction industry, in particular, has to be particularly aware of this fact. Not including its iconic antenna, the Eiffel tower is 984 feet tall in the summer, but a full six inches shorter during the cold season. Smaller products that use stainless steel, however, will have less noticeable of changes.

Steel in all sizes and shapes

Another reason that strapping steel products are so popular is that they come in all sizes and shapes. Stainless steel strapping is manufactured in sizes varying from three eights by .015 to three fourths by 0.30. You will see stainless steel in builder screws, strapping tools, installation methods, and even as entire build units. In some projects, multiple sizes of stainless steel will be melted and then molded together for an even larger design. Stainless steel appliances, such as fridges and dishwashers are also more common than ever.

Affordable material

Stainless steel can be more expensive than some products, however, when you factor in their durability and expected lifeline, they are must more affordable. Although you can purchase cheaper graded materials for designs and projects, they will not last as long as stainless steel does. They are also more difficult to damage. If you want a product that is durable, long lasting, and of high quality, it should be made with stainless steel. For this reason, many homeowners are willing to pay more for entirely stainless steel appliances throughout the house.

Steel is everywhere. It is in residential households, in the form of appliances and tools. It is commercial buildings, used as manufacturing and building tools. Steel is currently the strongest, most recycled, and most durable product. Additionally, it has been advanced upon over the last couple of decades. Stainless steel strapping is a trusted material that has been used in iconic buildings such as the Eiffel tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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