3 Tips for Making Moving as Easy as it Can Be


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Are you trying to find out where to get boxes for moving? That seems to be the main frustration on the moving checklist. Here are a few ideas for where you can find them as well as other moving tips that will help you making moving a breeze.

Solicit Help
The best way to make moving easy is to get help. This doesn’t have to be professional movers, unless you want to; it can be a few friends with trucks. The fewer amount of trips back and forth that you have to make, the better. This is also the most inexpensive way to move, although you should probably offer to feed your helpers in order to show them that you appreciate what they are doing for you. No one really likes to carry and move heavy items so if they are willing to help, you should find a way to say thanks even if you can’t pay them. You could even get some of your helpers to drive around looking for where to get boxes for moving before the big day is here. Then, as the boxes start coming in, you can focus on packing. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want people that you can trust to help you. Not that any of your friends are going to steal your things but they may not know how to be careful while furniture moving, etc. Especially if you are renting your current home then you need to careful not to bang up the walls while moving things out.

Get Boxes
Now, getting boxes can be done a few different ways. If you are willing to pay for them, then there are many stores than sell boxes in bulk. If you don’t have to have to buy them, then you’ll need to know where to get boxes for moving. You can drive around to different places and check their back dumpsters. Often times, the workers will throw out perfectly good boxes that were used to transport product. Big warehouse type places are the best stores to look behind. Sometimes, if you call the places, they’ll set the boxes aside for you and you can just go in and pick them up. Another idea is to look on websites like Craig’s List and Offer Up to see if anyone is trying to get rid of free boxes. There is usually some sort of ad up of someone doing that somewhere in the city if you re willing to drive a little bit to collect them.

Get Rid of Things
As you are packing, it’s a great opportunity to start getting rid of stuff in your home that you don’t need, use or even want. It’s easy to somehow be the owner of a ton of things that you didn’t even realize you have. As you are going through your stuff to pack it, if you come across an item that you didn’t know you had, get rid of it, you obviously don’t need it. If you come across things that you don’t like, get rid of them. Your best bet is to try and sell things if they are in good condition. This way you can purchase the things you really need and like without having to spend too much out of pocket. Especially if you are a first time home buyer, there are a lot of things that you are going to want to get to make your house the way you want it. If you can’t sell the items, considering donating them to a good cause or giving them away to people in need.

Moving doesn’t have to be super stressful. It can be a fun and exciting day if you go about it right. The key is to properly plan beforehand. Start packing way in advance and make sure you’re asking people to help so they can clear their day with advance notice. Finding out where to get boxes for moving early on can help. Store the boxes somewhere out of the way until you are ready to pack but you can start collecting them as soon as you decide to move.

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