5 Benefits to Outsourced Cleaning Services

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We may not think about it but offices are dirty places that are filled with germs. There are 10 million bacteria on the average American desk. Each square inch of the chair, mouse and keyboard is home to 21,000 germs. People often worry about the flu virus. It can stay alive on a hard surface for up to two days. All of this means having a good crew clean your office space is very important. The question becomes, should you have an in house cleaning crew or should you go with an outsourced cleaning service? Here are some reasons to go with an outsourced cleaning service.

  1. Outsourced cleaning services are more cost effective that using an in house service. When you go with an outsourced cleaning service, you do more than get a cleaner office but you do a lot for your company’s bottom line. When you go with a professional cleaning service, they can do a whole lot more in less time and for less money. Moreover, the professional cleaning companies use better equipment and supplies. It costs a lot less to hire an outside service than to find, hire, train and then manage a in house cleaning service. When you hire staff to handle your cleaning, you also have to pa for their health care, overtime, verification and a host of other costs.
  2. You will get a better value with an outsourced janitorial services company. The outsourced cleaning service has a lot of value added than when you try to take care of this in house. They get the best equipment that you cannot get on your own. They have yeas of experience and they have the relationships with suppliers to get the best deals on the most effective equipment. They are adept at doing a lot more with a lot less but, at the end of the day, you get more bang for your buck with an outsourced cleaning company.
  3. You will have more responsive service. Your needs for janitorial services are not static. They fluctuate. They change depending on your peak times, industry cycles and other factors. If you get the right outsourced cleaning company, they will work with you so the staff you need is where you need them when you need them. Some professional cleaning services can send you what they call floaters to be at your service to prevent there from being breaks in the cleaning services that you need.
  4. Your staff can do what you pay them to do. When you hire a cleaning service, your staff does not have to deal with facility maintenance. You have help for that. You have help that has been trained on these things. When your staff has to handle the cleaning or when the toilet overflows, it takes them away from what you hired them to do. They work they do on that toilet is not as good as what you would get if you had a professional do it. The worst part is what this does to employee morale. When your public relations staff has to fix the toilet, it does something bad to the morale of the entire office.
  5. All of the services are better when you get an outsourced cleaning services company. You want the cleanest office you can get. You have a much better chance of getting a cleaner, safer office in less time when you use a professional cleaning service than when you use someone in house. Remember, the outsourced cleaning services company, you get people who are very experienced at cleaning and performing janitorial services. They can do these things better than you are ever going to be able to. They also have better equipment because they have the relationships with suppliers. The cleaning supplies are even better than what you would get and you have the option to go with green supplies to keep some harsh and dangerous chemicals out of your work place.

America’s desks are dirty but they are also where most people eat. At least 27% of us eat out breakfasts there, 62% eat our lunches and at least half snack. All of this eating combined with all of the bacteria means that we need to have our offices professionally cleaned.

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