5 Great Reasons to See a Certified, Personal Life Coach

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Are you at the end of yourself? Have you tried everything and still seem unable to get your life in order? Have you poured your heart and soul into relationships only to have them back fire on you? You might be in need a lifecoach; someone to help you through the rough times and get you back on track.

A personal life coach is not going to lay you down on a couch and make you discuss your feelings. While this may be part of it, a lifecoach will be more likely to try and give your spiritual life and relationship help. Their job is to dig deeper. Often times hypnosis and other unconventional methods are used during the personal life coaching sessions in order to help you to move onward and upward. Here are a few reasons why a you might need a lifecoach.

  1. You’re at a Crossroad
    If you have a major decision to make, you might feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and the what ifs. This could be anything like getting married or divorcing, making a career change, quitting your job, moving, etc. If you are confused over anything that you have to do and you feel like you are going crazy weighing out the options in your head, you might need a lifecoach to help you dig deeper. He or she can help you determine what your thoughts and feelings mean and aid you finding out what is so important to you about this particular decision which will in turn help you to make the decision.

  2. You Feel Lost
    Maybe the problem is that you don’t know where you fit in, why you’re on this earth and what you’re meant to do. Or perhaps you’re unhappy with your life and feel like you’re just living an auto-pilot. A lot of people that just get out of college and realize they don’t want a career in the field they studied can feel confused and lost. The problem is that you need to sort through your personal values and find out what is important to you. Once you figure out how to honor the values that are really for you, then you might be able to better determine your purpose.

  3. You Don’t Feel Happy
    The feeling of unhappiness is proof that you need to make some changes. No one deserves to be unhappy all of the time. A lifecoach can help you figure out why you aren’t happy and what is going on that is making you feel this way. Whatever is making you unhappy needs to be changed. Sometimes, when we feel unhappy about something we can’t figure out what it is because we feel guilty about it. For example, if you are a stay at home mom and want to work, you may push those feelings aside because you feel guilty for not wanting to stay home with the kids. A life coach will be able to bring you to terms with that idea and realize that you are completely normal and the whole staying at home thing is not for everyone.

  4. You Can’t Get Over a Relationship
    If you’re brokenhearted, angry, depressed or feel any other extreme emotion regarding your previous relationship, this is the perfect time to talk to a life coach. They will be able to help you pinpoint exactly what it is that you want and how you can get it. It’s so helpful to see and brainstorm and explore with someone that is completely unbiased and probably didn’t even know the person that you were in a relationship with.

  5. You’re too Comfortable
    This is a dangerous place to be. Getting into a routine or schedule is good as far as a regular and mundane life goes but it really does not lend itself to a very exciting way to live. It is too easy to get into your comfort zone and stay there for to long. Life coaching will encourage you to push out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in new hobbies, jobs, relationships or whatever it is that you need to do in order to stop being so comfortable.

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