5 Lucrative Types of Civil Engineering Careers for You

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A civil engineering company comprises of different engineers specialized in various projects like building and infrastructure construction. Within such projects, the expertise of a civil engineer will be required to effectively and efficiently execute a particular project. While the two main branches of civil engineering are construction and structural engineering, there are other important subcategories, and they include environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrology and coastal engineering. Civil engineers are tasked with the aspect of designing, planning, and the actual construction process. In addition, they are also responsible for the project timeline, coordinating elements of construction as well as liaising with other engineers involved in the project.

Construction Management Career
If you are looking to build a career in Civil Engineering, think of construction management. It is probably one of the major fields of Civil Engineering. Construction managers who are often referred to as project managers are responsible for every aspect of the construction process. From project inception to the final detail of construction and everything in between, Civil Engineers engaged in construction management work around the clock to ensure every detail of the project comes to life with minimum to no errors. It is a challenging career that demands a high level of discipline and ability to perform under pressure.

Geotechnical Engineering Career
Another specialty in civil engineering is Geotechnical Engineering. This is a field that focuses on the physical structures on the ground like the topography and the composition of rocks and soil structures, whilst taking part in construction projects. Buildings and structural construction projects have for many years make use of Geotechnical Engineers before, during and after projects. Their expertise and professionalism are an invaluable asset to any construction project. Their work is to analyze soil and rock samples, deduce a report and offer advice to other engineers involved in the project on the suitable tools, machinery, methods and materials to use on a particular construction site.

In addition, Geotechnical Engineers will highlight as well as minimize potential problems that would otherwise be costly to a building project. Unsurprisingly, most construction projects will consult Geotechnical Engineering firms who’ll be responsible for providing qualified geotechnical engineers to work on particular contracts. However, there some that work on a freelance basis but provide the same Geotechnical services a project may need.

Environmental Engineering Career
This is a type civil engineer services that focus on environmental factors. Here, environmental engineers concentrate on developing ways that prevent or reduce pollution of the surrounding environment. They’ll advise on better ways of managing wastes and find effective solutions to remedy an already polluted environment. A Civil Engineering company is a good place to start if you are looking to land this lucrative career. Other private and governmental regulatory agencies are also known to offer Environmental Engineers with a career opportunity.

Transportation Engineering Career
This is an engineering opportunity that specifically deals with planning, designing, construction of roadways and proper management of transportation systems. Engineers in this industry are also responsible for traffic flow, and every aspect of traffic alleviation and accidents mitigation. Apart from transportation planning, these engineers ensure that the roads, rail, and port transportation systems are safe and more efficient for both passengers and luggage.

Coastal Engineering Career
A branch of Civil Engineering that deals with the aspect of oceanography and other marine environment is known as Coastal Engineering. This specialty learns and tries to understand the effects of soil erosion on coastal areas as well as on beaches. Coastal Engineering is somewhat complex than other engineering fields in that; you must understand the concepts of civil engineering alongside side marine geology. A civil engineering company offering coastal engineering will often tackle and solve problems such as flood control, soil erosion, dredging and harbors development. These engineers ensure marine life is preserved and at the same time, provide a solution that facilitates the safe and efficient use of water bodies. In addition, coastal engineers offer structural design solution to complex marine engineering projects.

Those are just some of the branches a civil engineering company can offer. Depending on your project at hand, choosing an experienced project engineer can be the difference between a successful and a failed project.

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