5 Reasons Schools Should Use Digital Marquee

Are you looking to improve your schooland#39;s image? Do you want a better way to communicate with your students and school staff? Investing in a digital marquee can help you achieve both of these and more.

While traditional billboard signs can also help to display your message, they can be ineffective and could just waste the school’s budget.

When you choose to use a digital marquee, you wonand#39;t get these shortcomings. Youand#39;re sure that everyone will notice your message or announcement and remember it. In fact, some of them may even share it on social media.

Are you still having some second thoughts about using a digital marquee sign? Here are five reasons why you should switch to using digital school signs:

1. Digital Marquee is an Attention Magnet

Traditional billboards are easy to miss. Even if parents or visitors arrive at your school, they might notice your old-style school sign board in passing only. Itand#39;s the same for students and school staff. Plus, with all the gadgets these days, it can be very hard to pull their attention just to look at your announcements.

With a digital marquee sign, you get an opposite reaction. Parents and visitors will have a good and lasting first impression of your school. Students will take notice of your colorful and bright sign. Itand#39;s an expected reaction since the human eye is naturally drawn to movements, bright lights, and bright colors.

2. Provides Better Awareness

With the capability of a digital marquee to effectively grab attention, youand#39;ll be able to easily disseminate information on the school campus. While there are numerous ways to remind students about upcoming events, these reminders can just get buried by other information. Even the school staff may have too much on their plate to remember an upcoming meeting.

A digital marquee sign can act as a campus-wide reminder. As a result, youand#39;ll get more attendance in events, more exam-ready students, and more awareness of school news and activities overall. Some of the events a school marquee can show are field trips and the PTA meeting schedule.

3. Delivers Information Updates Faster

Dates and time on any event are not set in stone. While you may want to stick to the schedule, other variables can change it otherwise. For instance, the guest speaker for an upcoming event might suddenly reschedule.

While you can update all attendees through SMS or messaging apps about the changes, showing it on your digital marquee is more lasting. Even if your update is buried by other messages, the changes posted in bright text and color on the marquee will be a constant reminder.

A digital marquee sign can help avoid any confusion if thereand#39;s any sudden change in plans. You can quickly change when the holiday break starts or when school resumes with this modern signage.

4. Digital Marquee Can Boost School Morale

Regardless if youand#39;re congratulating the football team or exam passers, a school marquee can help to announce the message in flying colors. Students would want to get their names displayed on the marquee, and as a result, theyand#39;ll work harder on their studies.

Whether itand#39;s about recognizing exceptional students or giving credit to a schooland#39;s overall accomplishment, a school marquee is a great place to show this to everyone. Even parents would encourage their kids to do better so their names would show up on this digital bulletin board.

5. Low Maintenance and Low Upkeep

Even if youand#39;re not operating on a tight budget, using a digital marquee sign for school can help you save money. You can allocate some of the funds to other school programs or activities. Having to pay for every school announcement can add up fast, resulting in some announcements not broadcast.

LED bulbs on a digital marquee can last for up to 10 years if the sign is turned on for 12 hours every day. Since the bulbs are all LED, power consumption is not high as well. You can relax knowing that your schooland#39;s electrical bill will not surge up. Also, displaying messages on the screen doesnand#39;t require a lot of technicalities.

Choose Digital Marquee to Improve School Communication

Boost your schooland#39;s events attendance with a digital marquee sign. It will improve your schooland#39;s image as well, bringing in more students in the coming years.

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