5 Trending Features for Commercial Security Services


Three years ago, South Bay Communications made a YouTube video about the five trending features for commercial security systems. They mentioned that criminals today have gotten savvier, and thus, they know how to get around traditional security measures. And as a result of their savvier criminal techniques, reports stated that 9% of businesses were affected by these criminal behaviors in 2016.

Nevertheless, the following commercial security trends are being used by companies to combat and stay ahead of these people:

1. Wireless Technology – Drilling holes through walls for wiring isn’t necessary.

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Businesses can arm remotely. This system is also quick to install and there’ll be less damage to the building.

2. Touchscreen Capability – Having control right in businesses’ hands, and this technology is easy-to-read and operate.
3. Security Sensors – Especially for large offices or businesses with a lot of storage or warehouse. These devices have motion detection.

4. Smartphone Controls – This is for video monitoring and arming.

5. Video Monitoring Devices – These devices are still on a rise with surveillance on the company’s laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

These trends are extra precautionary levels that help business operations and employees to be safe and secure. And for more information, contact South Bay Communications.

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