5 Ways to Create a Safer Environment for Workers

There are many aspects that go into being running a successful business. Many business owners feel that a company can only be as successful as the employees it acquires. Unfortunately, certain unprotected businesses can become targets for criminals. That being said, implementing a few simple steps can help ensure that your retail locations are safe spaces for everyone except burglars. With that in mind, here are five ways to create a safer work environment for employees.

  1. Have a Business Security System Installed

    If you want to take a major step to creating a safer work environment for employees, consider having a verified alarm system installed. These systems combine both audio and video surveillance. Statistics that show that 67% of all burglaries can be avoided by having video surveillance systems installed. In turn, you can rest assured that your being monitored for any audio or video alerts that are out of place. This also helps to avoid you being alerted by false alarm activations. Luckily, statistics show that 94 to 98% of all alarm calls occur due to false alarms. Having a verified alarm system ensures these false alarms are never something you have to worry about.
  2. Ensure Your Business Has Ample Exterior Lighting

    While many business owners focus on the importance of what’s inside of their stores, it’s easy to forget the importance of exterior lighting. That being said, having a well lit outdoor area is beneficial for employees working during nighttime hours. In addition, retail spaces that are well lit are often not places that thieves will target. One reason for this is that brightly lit buildings make it easy for others to see when suspicious activities are occurring.
  3. Train Employees on Know How to Use Fire Extinguishers

    Not every threat faced by a business involves burglars. Many retail environments can contain a number of potential fire hazards. Whether it’s a faulty light or an improperly disposed of cigarette, every business has to be prepared for the threat of a fire. With that in mind, you’ll want to ensure that your business has access to a working fire extinguisher. In addition, make sure that these extinguishers are inspected by local professionals routinely.
  4. Avoiding Placing Inventory in Hard to Reach Locations

    In addition to fire hazards, many employees are injured on the job from falling. It’s understandable to want to minimize theft throughout your company’s retail locations. Therefore, many businesses place inventory in places that only employees have access to. Considering that, it’s important that inventory isn’t hard for employees to obtain. Rather than placing items in places where ladders need to be used, consider having protective retail counters delivered to your retail facilities.
  5. Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

    Regardless of precautions, certain emergency situations might happen at one of your retail locations. Considering that, it’s important that employees are prepared to take necessary steps. You don’t want an employee frantically searching for how to contact emergency services. With that in mind, you’ll want to ensure that employees know local emergency numbers should an ambulance need to be requested.

In conclusion, there are several smart ways to create a safer work environment for employees. One of the most important ways to keep workers safe is by having a quality alarm system. If you’re in need of a commercial security system, consider working with verified alarm providers. Statistics show that the average security system has a delay ranging from 30 seconds to three full minutes. During this time, criminals can get away with endless amounts of valuable merchandise. However, a verified alarm system ensures professionals are instantly notified in the event your business becomes a target for criminals.

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