A Popular Business Investment is the Campsite Franchise

Entrepreneurs most likely do not usually consider the profitability of the campsite franchise when choosing a business investment. It’s hard to imagine that a campsite business has much to offer in the return on investment, but when you look at the statistics it is very easy to see. Depending on the type of campsite franchise you plan to open, it is a considerably lower cost than a majority of other businesses with incredible potential for the clientele you will be able to attract.

There are More Campers than You Would Think

While it may take a little research into finding the right location to purchase a campground, RV park or other camping resort, you will be able to locate the potential for a lot of customers. While your business may be more seasonal than others, data shows that camping is a very popular form of vacation for couples and families. More than 60% of campers at least 16 years old were married or living with a partner. Majority of campers find it important that a campsite is “kid-friendly,” showing how many of these couples have their children with them.

There are nationwide statistics as well on the lifetime inclusion of camping in the vacation plan. In a large poll, over 60% of homes interviewed said they had been camping at least once. Additionally, about half of those who do camp state that they travel under 100 miles from home for a trip. This means that some market research may be required to find a highly profitable campground or camping resort for sale, but it is a market with great potential.

Moving Forward with the Business

As with any other business investment, there is research that needs to be done and determination of whether you are able to make the purchase on your own or with business financing. Luckily, with the campsite franchise the most important pieces of the business are the land where your visitors camp, park their RV’s or if you do choose a camping resort there may be cabins included in a slightly more expensive and luxurious option. You will want to choose a location close to some of those frequent campers who don’t travel any more than 100 miles from home, keep it “kid-friendly,” and offer the final piece of the puzzle: free WiFi.

When looking at all of these items put together this definitely a business option with fewer steps than many others as well as great potential for profit. And consider it, with camping being a more seasonal vacation, you may have your own vacations built into your schedule.

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