Cable Seal Challenges For Electronic Systems

When it comes to electronic equipment, water is one of the biggest enemies. With electricity traveling at almost seven million miles per hour, environmental hazards can severely damage the life of electronic equipment. Having proper cable seals is crucial to avoiding exposure to moisture. Here are the challenges a cable seal must meet to protect the life of your electronic systems.

Environmental Factors

Cable connectors are one of the most critical points of failure in reliability when electronic devices are used over a long period of time. This failure is unacceptable for military operations in extreme conditions. Diving equipment must reliably operate at 20 meters depth. The ambient pressure at this level is three times greater than atmospheric pressure. Submersible equipment must have a watertight cable seal and subsea connectors to withstand this pressure for prolonged periods.

Dirt, high humidity, and corrosive liquids are other environmental challenges that cable connectors seals must address. They must also be able to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, RF emissions, and electromagnetic interference. If the wrong seal is used, it can severely damage the electronic equipment.

Cable Seal Terminology Misuse

Certain terminology for underwater penetrators is commonly misused. One of these terms is hermetic seal. The correct definition is a seal which is airtight according to a certain leak rate. This leak rate is measured by a tracer gas to a state pressure differential. However, the term is often used mistakenly to refer to submersibility, chemical infiltration, snd water tightness that’s not associated with pressure differentials.

Connector Sealing Technologies and Standards

For harsh environments, it’s crucial to select hermetic coaxial connectors and hermetic terminal seals that guarantee total protection from dust and water immersion. Connector manufacturers use varying sealing standards and technologies. Some adhere to more stringent standards than required. You need to be able to choose the right seals to ensure proper protection of your equipment from electrical breakdown.

When selecting terminal seals for harsh environments, it’s important to evaluate where leakage could occur at every point. Make sure the high-pressure hermetic seal meets IP rating requirements. By understanding the challenges relevant to harsh environment applications, you can extend the life of your electronic systems.

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