Could Your Closets Full of Memories Help Others Who Are in Need?

Clothes donations

It is one of your favorite sights. Every time that you see one of the younger children in the school where you substitute teach wearing one of the outfits from your home you simply cannot stop smiling. On this particular day you were on the playground supervising the third grade recess. The little girl who was wearing the turquoise and brown polka dot dress was twirling as much as she was playing on the swing set. In fact, she seemed to be completely fascinated with the twirling skirt. You enjoyed watching this young girl as much as you remember your own daughter twirling in much the same way.
In the past it was difficult for you to get rid of the clothing that your girls wore. You loved the memories, you imagined yourself handing those same clothes down to your grandchildren or turning them into comfortable quilts. When you realized, however, that the closets in your home were overflowing with plastic tubs filled with these memories, you realized that you were not making the right choice. As you went out on teaching jobs in one particular school, you were often confronted with the fact that they young girls were often wearing clothes that were dirty, torn, or too small. With that in mind, you went back through all of the boxes of clothes that you had been saving and donated all but a few very special items. With this particular school in mind, it was easy to envision the young girls having access to nice clothes that had spent years sitting in storage in your crowded closets.
You talked to the secretary at the school and found that they did have a closet of nice clothes that they were able to give to families who were in need. Since the time of your first donation, you have had several other friends who have also sent clothes for you to donate. In fact, the secretary says that you are now one of the major sources for the clothes that are well used by the families in the school.
Charities for Wounded Soldiers and Others in Need Help Connect Resources to Those in Need
Whether you donate to a local church that collects clothing to those in need or you make donations to charities for wounded soldiers, you can always make a difference by simply giving the items in your home that you are no longer using. For instance, mens overcoats and suits, as well as dress shoes that are no longer used, can be an important donation to charities for wounded soldiers. Those clothes can help someone look his best at the next job interview or on the first day of work at a new job.
Charitable clothing donations are so needed that many organizations make the process very easy. In fact, many organizations, like GreenDrop, provide drop off centers that can be used any time of the day and night. GreenDrop, in fact, now has approximately 30 stand alone locations and mobile trailers that collect an average of 100 tons of donations every single week. Using this type of donation platform, this organization raised $2.5 million for participating charities in the year 2014.
Local clothing donations can help those in your area make ends meet. Families that struggle often need the most basic items: clothing so that children can go to school, warm coats and gloves for cold weather, and kitchen items so they can prepare healthy meals. Families that have closets, cupboards, and drawers full of clothing and household items that are never used can have a huge impact on those families that have too little. For instance, charities for wounded soldiers and their families can help those with much find the families with too little.
In addition to helping families in need, donations of clothing and household items also serve other purposes. These donations can keep usable items out of already crowded landfills. In addition to helping with recycling efforts, these donations are also tax deductible. It is important to remember, however, that any donation worth more than $200 require a receipt in order to be legitimate tax deduction.

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