Crane Training, the Key to Safer Business


Crane rigging training

cranes which use a lifting gear for material handling have been around as long as recorded history. The ancient Greeks used cranes and developed somewhat complicated technology to ensure that the cranes could lift as much weight as possible. These Greeks not only used men to power their cranes. They also hooked them up to livestock such as donkeys to give the crane extra power. Even before then, fragments of a 7 m have been found in a cave at Lascaux. It it probably around 17,000 years old. Was it used as an early crane or lifting technology? It seems likely.

But for as old as the crane is, crane training is still important. Workers need crane safety training to learn how to handle wire rope slings, lifting slings, lifting chains and web slings. They also can provide fall protection training.

Companies like certex provide crane training for material handling services in most states south of the Mason Dixon Line, from North Carolina to California. As crane technology has become more advanced, crane training has become more important. Steam powered cranes became popular during the Industrial Revolution. It was during the latter half of the 19th Century that they really began to pick up steam.

Since that time, the material used to make cranes have become more complex. And, as the technology has grown more complex, it has become safer, but only for those with crane training. Chain slings for instance are made out of extremely advanced materials. They are constructed out of high strength alloy which was made for the lifting industry.

crane training may seem expensive, but it is like any other advancement or technology in the industry. It is an investment in a companys workers and an investment in the facilities safety, productivity and morale. It is the key to better business.

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