Direct Marketing, Postcard Printing

Postcard printing

Postcard printing has a long history. The Montgomery Ward catalog revolutionized the marketing and sales industry in 1872 and set the stage for direct mail marketing. The first souvenir postcard followed in 1893. It advertised Chicagos Worlds Columbian Exposition. The earliest picture postcard came in 1940, when Theodore Hook sent one of his caricature sketches to himself. In the 1960s and 1970s, postcard printing was used for announcing the opening of a new freeway. And Direct Marketing is still sometimes best. It receives almost 30 times the response rate of emails.

Direct mail can make an inestimable difference. According to a research survey by a leading global research agency Millward Brown, physical documents like a direct mail letter leave a deeper footprint on the brain. And that deeper footprint is more likely to generate a positive response. Real estate spam emails may be real estate postcards by mail.

For this reason, business postcards and direct mail postcards can be extremely important for generating new business. This is especially true of custom postcard printing. customized postcards demonstrate confidence in a product and they show the a company takes its prospective clients seriously.

According to the most recent data, direct mail marketing methods such as real estate postcards has delivered the more responses to inquiries for business to customer marketers. This is because the direct mail marketing companies have kept up to date with the times, even as technology has changed.

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