How Often Do You Remember to Bring Your Own Reusable Cloth Bags When You Shop?

Your daughter is still learning. As a senior in high school there are many times when she is certain that she knows it all. There are also times, however, when she is willing to admit that she has much to learn. Recent conversations about the use of environmentally friendly choices have been perhaps been the most interesting. While she is someone who prides herself in the fact that she uses reusable metal straws and shops with organic paper bags or cloth bags, she continues to leave the lights in every room in the house and in her closet. And while she prides herself with the environmentally friendly tea packaging that she selects when she orders online, she often as three or four disposable coffee cups on the back floorboards of her car.
Much like a teenager’s confusing relationship with the latest environmentally friendly items that they sometimes use and sometimes ignore, there are entire communities who are coming to grips with the news that the items they thought they have been recycling are simply going to the landfill with the rest of their garbage. As China announces that it will no longer buy America’s recycling, we are an entire nation that is working on creating products that are more environmentally friendly in their packaging and their composition.

Organic Food Packaging and Organic Paper Bags for Shopping Continue to Grow in Popularity

It is not just teenagers who have a challenge being consistent in the choices that it makes when it comes to sustainability. Finding a way to live a life that does the least amount of damage to our planet is a challenge that people of all ages, as well as companies of all size, can be a challenge. Businesses that pay close attention to packaging, especially to packaging that is organic or recycled, have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest. This consumer interest can help create a following, but it also comes with a responsibility. In today’s watch dog world, it is not surprising to find out that consumers are increasingly demanding accountability when it comes to the efforts that the most popular companies are making.
Nearly 40% of consumers indicate that they would share a photo of a product on social media if the packaging were interesting, but it is also important to note that there are many consumers who will also engage in product shaming when a company is not being environmentally conscious.

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