Introduction to Laws on All Levels for Cannabis Start-Ups

Marijuana business license

The face of society in the United States is changing, sometimes with more noticeable effects than others, and its hard to not notice the legal marijuana industry. The District of Columbia and 23 states allow for the legal sale of medical marijuana and four have made recreational use for adults legal as well. Obviously, that means you should immediately start taking steps to finally make you medical marijuana facility design a reality. Well, maybe you should, but first you need to make sure you understand all of the potential pitfalls and possibilities, and you absolutely must know the laws that could impact any business in this industry.

  1. Federal Law: State law does not supercede federal law, and the United States Government holds that Marijuana is a controlled substance and cannot be legally sold. This does not mean that the FBI will be out to get you. It does, however, mean that you need to be certain the rest of your business is free of any tainted dealings. For that reason, taking the time and money to invest in marijuana business consulting service would be wise. These are the people who can direct your attention to places you might be vulnerable.
  2. State Laws: Although state laws may be the reason you can contemplate the possible reality of your medical marijuana facility design, they are not all the same, so be aware of this issue and check out the laws for yourself. Cannabis consulting can help in this area as well, telling you what you will need both for generaL start up as well as daily practices while also explaining any state requirements, such as if you need a business license for selling marijuana.
  3. Local Laws: Making what was already an annoying tangle even worse, some states allow for individual towns to decide if the the newly legal drug is to be allowed in their area or not.

This is an issue that has progressed quickly and will likely continue to do so. It is not unreasonable to suggest that laws on the federal level will eventually change too, opening up marijuana investment opportunities to far more.

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