Learn More About Different Types of Security Systems for Your Commercial Establishment

Surveillance solutions

Are you concerned about your business’ security? There are a variety of business security solutions currently available, each with their own unique benefits. When you have high-quality alarm systems that provide intrusion security, smoke and heat detectors, and other business security solutions, you’ll be able to create a safer environment for your employees and customers. In addition to being able to monitor activity both inside and outside your retail store or other business establishment, you may also be interested in having a managed access control system.

How Less-Sophisticated Alarm Systems Work

Do you currently have an alarm system? How effective has it been for your needs? You may be interested to know that most of these systems have a delay built into them. Basically, prior to contacting a monitoring company, this delay may range from 30 seconds to three minutes. This can be more than enough time for your store or office to be vandalized and/or burglarized. This time frame may also provide sufficient opportunity for someone to steal from your business.

The Incidence of Break-Ins and Burglary Offenses

During 2013, for example, burglary offenses cost approximately $4.5 billion in property loss. This includes break-ins and burglaries that occurred at residential properties, which represent 74% of the total number that occurred.

There are more break-ins and thefts that occur during the holidays than any other time throughout the year. This is particularly the case with the last two weeks of the year during Christmas and New Year’s. Crimes of opportunity are also prevalent during these and other time frames, such as when your establishment is closed.

When inventory is lost due to shoplifting and employee theft, this can obviously make a significant impact on product availability and revenue. Recent data shows that shoplifting accounts for 38% of this lost inventory, and employee theft accounts for 34.5%. When these figures are added together, this amounts to 72.5%.

How Alarm Systems Can Prevent Burglaries

A study was conducted with convicted burglars. The findings showed that roughly 83% of these burglars checked for an alarm system prior to committing a burglary. Over 50% of these burglars also reported that they would stop engaging in the burglary when they realized there was an alarm system. This was the case even when these burglaries were unplanned and impulsive.

Many businesses don’t have alarm systems. This has been determined to be the case with one out of every seven businesses. When these commercial establishments have a video surveillance system installed, recent data suggests that roughly 67% of burglaries can be thwarted. In some instances, however, a business may want to have guards and additional security measures in place.

Why It’s Important to Reduce False Alarms

False alarms are a concern for both law enforcement and business establishments. Approximately ten to 25% of the calls police receive are due to alarms. On an annual basis, the police will respond to 38 million alarm activations, 94% to 98% of which are false alarms. Since these false alarms require two officers and roughly 20 minutes to investigate, this is time that could be otherwise spent.

Finding Effective Business Security Solutions

In order to reduce and/or potentially eliminate commercial theft, it’s important to have a high-tech business security system. When you schedule a consultation with a business security team, they will be able to provide an assessment of your existing or potential security threats. They will be able to recommend the most effective system for your business and be able to provide you with additional solutions.

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