Taking A Closer Look Into The World Of Promotional Signs

Promotional signs are just about everywhere that you might look, and they truly come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. After all, promotional signs are so commonplace throughout this one country alone that the average person will actually see up to 3,000 of them over the course of just one single day, an importance that certainly cannot and should not be underestimated. Of these promotional signs, many will lead to more and better sales among brands and companies, but there are a number of things that the average person – and the average advertiser – should know about the use of promotional signs.

First of all, it’s important for all promotional signs used to be of an incredibly high quality. After all, local customers will be exposed to just one promotional sign as many as 60 times throughout the month, if the promotional sign in question is placed well in the neighborhood, something that can greatly improve brand awareness on the whole. And the use of promotional signs will actually draw in up to half of all customers that a business brings in, meaning that signage, if done well, can certainly have a significant impact.

Many consumers and potential customers make value judgments off of the quality of promotional signs as well. As a matter of fact, up to 85% of all customers and consumers in this country have said that they believe that the overall appearance of a sign can say a lot about the personality and even the quality of any given retail establishment or business that they might be considering frequenting – or not considering, depending on the quality of the sign, as the case might unfortunately be.

Of course, multiple types of promotional signs is what will bring in the most customers, both off site as well as on site in the retail locations directly. Off site promotional signs can look like a number of different things, from the more standard types of promotional signs to the much more creative design of promotional signs. For instance, car decals and various other car stickers can be used to promote brand awareness anywhere that the car or other such motor vehicle in question might travel, something that can expose the brand to a wider range of people than would otherwise really be possible here in the United States.

In addition to this use of outdoor signs, billboards are an incredibly popular type of promotional sign, and many people pass by billboards on a near daily basis, if not every single day at that. In fact, more than 70% of all people – around 71% of them, to be just a little bit more precise – pay attention to the billboards that they drive past, at least to the ones that are particularly good at catching their eyes. And for nearly 60% of all adults throughout the country, looking at billboards has informed them of an event or a restaurant that they have then attended – and very often enjoyed – which clearly shows the power and the influence that even the most modest of billboards can really have.

Of course, promotional signs would not be complete without the use of on site signage. Here in the United States, on site signage is just as important as off site signage, and is actually equatable to taking out as many as 24 full paged ads in newspapers – over the course of just one single year alone. And even fully priced merchandise does considerably better when on site signage is used to advertise it, outselling other similar full priced goods by as much as 20%, according to a study that was conducted by Brigham Young University. This study was even backed up by a number of other recent studies, all which found that sales increased by a considerable amount when on site signage was utilized.

Here in the United States, all throughout the country, promotional signs can be found just about anywhere that you might look. They are common place, but promotional signs must be very high in quality and well maintained in order to have the desired result with customers.

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