Reusable Clamshells Are an Ecofriendly Choice for Retailers and Consumers

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45 acp ammo box

As people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and aware of the negative impact of our smallest decisions on the world around us, they are starting to make better choices. A major shift has taken place in consumer preferences in favor of environmentally friendly packaging. Reusable bags and made in USA clamshells can reduce the amount of plastic used, helping to limit the amount of pollution.

Plastics pollution is deadly
As most people are now aware, plastic pollution is a serious threat to waterways like rivers and streams, and to the oceans. Discarded plastic bags and other items like straws and cigarette lighters find their way through storm drains into rivers and waterways where they endanger plant, animal and bird life. The oceans are literally awash in pla

Three Major Benefits of the Clamshell Packaging

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45 acp ammo box

Clamshell packaging is something that you very likely see every day and don’t know what it is. You might go to a convenient store and buy products that use it. It is quite probable that you go to the cafeteria at your place of work and purchase a sandwich or a dessert that is prepackaged in a user friendly clamshell. You might even get one as a to-go container when you are bringing home the extra food from your family’s dinner out.

The user friendly clamshell gets its name because of the container, often made of plastic, opens with a hinge, in the same way a clam with open when giving up its pearl. It is a type of blister packaging that folds back onto itself. Clamshell contai