Four Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Heating and AC Unit

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Many people know that performing regular maintenance on their AC unit keeps it functioning properly. Routine maintenance and performing simple do it yourself services on your unit spares homeowners money on their energy costs and possibly spares them from replacing a whole AC unit, but what exactly is involved in routine regular maintenance of your AC unit? What do it yourself services should you perform on your unit to maximize efficiency? Read below for some tips to help you know what to look for what to do.

Air Ducts

Check your attic frequently to ensure everything is in proper working order. When checking your attic ensure that there are no critters making your attic, or ducts their home. Make sure there is nothing blocking the vents and interfering with the airflow. Check for nests or any sort and personal items that could have fallen and become lodged in a duct.

Check The Physical Unit Outside

Check around the area where your unit is located. Check to ensure that there is nothing interfering with the performance of the unit. Check to make sure weeds and plants are not growing close to the unit. Also, check to make sure that there are no visible ant mounds. Ants can get inside the unit and cause problems with the wiring of the unit. If you spot any mounds remove them immediately. Spray the outside of the unit to remove dirt and debris.

Routine Cleaning

Dirty vents can decrease the airflow from your unit. Dirty vents can also cause potential health problems. When cleaning the vents and ducts visually inspect them for any issues. Make sure there is no mold or fungi growing in or around them. Also check your ducts for holes or cracks while cleaning.

Know When Expert Care is Needed

Even with regular maintenance, your heating and cooling system will eventually experience problems. Some of these problems require an HVAC technician to perform heating and cooling repairs. When the time comes for you to hire a professional to perform services on your heating and cooling system, make sure to thoroughly research companies. Read customer reviews, check for licenses and inquire about warranties before hiring anyone to work on your system.

Routine maintenance extends the life of your system, but furnaces are typically designed to last an average of 15 to 18 years. At some point in time, your furnace will need professional repairs. Air conditioners are not designed to last forever either. Approximately two-thirds of US homes have air conditioners and those units account for approximately 5% of electrical use. When the time comes for you to search for heating and AC services, be prepared and do your research. A little research now can save tons of lost time, lost money and hours of frustration later down the road.

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