The Tumbling Drum Perfect for Your Metal Needs

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For many industries, barrel tumbling–the act of placing a product in a barrel and removing the excess material from it–has been useful for maintaining a pleasing product that is both uniform and without blemishes, important for appealing to a customer base that approves of aesthetics as well as substance.

Tumble finishing, the category in which metal tumbling or barrel tumbling is branched, is by definition a technique for smoothing or polishing a rough surface by working at small parts. In many cases, tumble finishing follows a similar method: a horizontal barrel is used; the product is put into the barrel; it rotates; the excess material slips off the product, due to the presence of gravity.

The tumbling drum is a crucial part of this process. The most used barrel drums vary in length–usually between 18 inches and 42 inches–and diameter–18 inches to 36 inches. Usually the diameter is smaller than the length.

The tumbler size indicates the material that can be put into the tumbler to be well-polished and smooth. For instance, the number of parts that can be put into a tumbler or barrel safely will be determined by the size of the barrel, the size of the part, shape and weight of the product and the desired result. Parts usually account for one-third of the barrel load.

Barrel speeds and times are also a factor. Generally barrel speeds in a dry tumbler vary between 28 rotations-per-minute to 36 rotations-per-minute. For other similar machines, such as the rotary crusher, the speeds may be different. The rotary crusher, for instance, rotates between 85 per minute to 1,200 per minute.

Finally, the importance of a horizontal barrel versus a vertical barrel is well-known. The barrel for dry tumbling usually has a metal skin, with also a hardwood floor that can be replaced if necessary. Physics explains why the tumbling drum must be horizontal: as the drum rotates, the materials reach the top of the barrel, whereby the material that the owner wants removed slips from the presence of gravity.

Tumble drums have a unique application within various industries do to the important nature of removing excess material. Part of their value comes from the need to meet a customer’s expectation of uniformity. Keeping each product uniform creates the impression of a strong and technical product line.

This is especially important in the food industry. The tumble drum has been used in a sanitary fashion to remove excess material from the food, creating a uniform shape that is sometimes seen in supermarkets across America.

If you or your company is looking for a tumbling drum or barrel tumbler or even rotary crusher, it is possible to find a product by searching the Internet. A quick search, such as Tumbling Drum or Barrel Tumbler for Sale or Rotary Crusher for Metal Needs, can provide a strong starting point to the search for a machine to help with your product needs.

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