An Interview with Matt Leach of Value Vinyls

Value Vinyls, a provider of industrial vinyl for a bevy of applications, including gym wall pads and mats, dock seals, truck tarps, tents, and more has provided service to the Grand Prairie, TX area for years. We sat down with Matt Leach, the company’s graphic designer and web administrator, to talk about his experience marketing Value Vinyls and its product.

Mr. Leach, I think most of our readers would be surprised to hear how ubiquitous industrial vinyl really is. Can you tell us about a few of the applications for which your company provides vinyl materials?

Since 1984, Value Vinyls has been a supplier of industrial PVC up to 256 inches wide and printable sign media vinyl up to 196 inches wide. Our products are ideal for many industrial applications like athletic dummies, blocking pads, landing pads, floor mats, gym mats, child development shapes, wall pads, punching bags, gym divider curtains, event tents, dock seals, dock shelters, wear pleats, bounce houses, fence windscreen, truck tarps, awnings, canopies, shade structures, and oil booms, as well as printable frontlit, blockout, mesh, and backlit vinyl for billboards, banner stands, outdoor banners, aisle banners, street banners, pole banners, speaker mesh, and building wraps. We also provide specialty vinyl for general applications like laundry carts, movie screens, medical beds, gurneys, safety flags, safety vests, and jumping pillows.

Wow! You’re certainly able to draw on a wide variety of markets! Is there one particular area that started it all?

There was a demand for better priced truck tarp application items, so we looked overseas for material to accommodate the OEM market who manufactures these truck tarp items.

I’m sure your business has seen some major changes since then, and not just because of its major growth. How have technology and the internet changed the way Value Vinyls operates?

The Internet has transformed the way we communicate with our customers and business partners in a positive way. It allows for expedient communication resulting in faster deliveries and happy customers. Additionally, the internet allows us to provide an informative website that lists describes all of our products at a fraction of the cost of printing, with no waste. And, technology advances in vinyl production equipment allows us to match any color, weight, coating, construction, and strength properties to assure that our customers are getting exactly what they need to succeed. With this technology, we are confident we can match any request to match an existing product or design something new and unique to the industry.

That must be an important part of your marketing plan. What do you do to make sure your business is seen by potential clients?

Much of our business is marketed through direct calls and literature left with our existing and potential customers to back up our products. Other means of marketing is done through the internet with our web site as well as advertising in digital publications and e-Blasts through Constant Contact. In addition, some advertising is done in hard copy publications as well as press releases. We also display at several trade shows throughout the year.

Value Vinyls is located at 301 E. Trinity Blvd. in Grand Prairie, TX. For more information about its products, visit or call (972) 823-1109.

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