Creative Uses of Shipping Containers You Should Know

Did you know shipping containers can be used outside goods transportation? Well, shipping containers can be creatively used to create a variety of things. The shipping container store trend is believed to have been initiated by Starbucks in 2011. From shipping container bars to container art studios, below are great uses of shipping containers that will surprise you.


Shipping containers are used to construct restaurants in different parts of the world. A modified custom shipping container is converted to street stalls such that travelers can grab food on the go. Architects endear shipping containers because their sizes are 10, 20 and 40 feet. This means that they can be stacked together effortlessly to create different levels. But that is not all. You can easily add essential lifestyle factors such as plumbing, electricity, and plumbing. Well-designed and fitting restaurants will make customers happy and want to return. Shipping container cafes are attractive due to general aesthetics. Stylish shipping container cafes attract a lot of social media attention.

Low-Cost Housing

Restaurants are not the only thing that can be structured using shipping containers. Architects are adopting shipping containers to develop innovative and affordable housing. Shipping containers come in handy in places where students’ housing is limited. They are not only affordable but also easy to install. Shipping containers are an affordable option to build apartments. They can be easily stacked and designed to suit your plan. This means that you can customize the interior using woods, bricks, and tiles.


Shipping containers provide an affordable solution if you are looking for temporary or additional office space. They can be fitted with the necessary amenities and be customized to suit your office needs. Shipping containers’ offices are an affordable option and convenient. With this office, you do not have to throng people together. You can easily create levels and change the layout.

Swimming Pools

Instead of using conventional fiberglass to construct swimming pools you can use shipping containers. It is an innovative alternative that provides a stylish and fantastic shell. The best part? Shipping containers swimming pools are portable.

Refrigeration containers

Shipping containers can offer bulk refrigeration facilities. They boast of a robust structure. In addition, they require minimal maintenance. Whether you need a pool for your home, club, or hotel, shipping containers are an efficient way to build a swimming pool. No cementing is required, just digging and lining with pool liners and insulation foam. Unlike conventional swimming pools, if you decide to relocate, you just drain the container and carry it to your new home.

Art Studio

Shipping container studio is a fashion-oriented and effective way to present your art. It portrays a modern and artsy outlook. This artsy vibe will make your customers want to come back. Art studios from custom shipping containers also benefit from free publicity from local publications.

Shipping container bar

People will construct bars pretty much from anything. You can use customized shipping containers into a pop-up container bar. Yes, that’s right. Shipping container bars are not only trendy but also cozy.

Retail Shops

Shipping container retails stores are also an innovative way to use a shipping container. Pop up retail stores has contributed to the high adoption of the containers. Building a retail store from the containers is insanely quick. Shipping container retail shops are not only extremely appealing, but they help to reduce container wastage.

Ablution Facilities

If you have an event and you need simple and ablution facilities, you should consider shipping containers. These ablution containers offer portable toilet facilities. They can be connected to a sewage line or disposed of chemicals if one is not available. You can even fit basins, urinals, and showers. The ablution containers can accommodate all requirements. It is a convenient and clean alternative that comes at an affordable price.

Storage Containers

This should not come as a surprise. Typically, a custom shipping container is designed for storage purposes. They offer secret and safe storage for goods ranging from furniture and other durables. They are not only durable but also watertight.


There are lots of awesome ways in which a custom shipping container can be used, ranging from schools to cafes. With high number of the container not in use, you can use them innovatively. They are aesthetically appealing and also ecofriendly.

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