What You Should Know Before Buying Final Drive Motor

Bobcat excavators are powerful, durable, and efficient machines. If you get Bobcat E50 or E55, you will get monstrous machines that are not only versatile, but also they will serve you well for many years. One of the important parts that contribute to the general performance of Bobcat excavators is bobcat final drive.

Final drives are essential equipment that makes the excavator operate smoothly. However, final drives are susceptible to wear and tear. If your final drive becomes faulty, you should replace it immediately. When shopping new bobcat final drive travel motor, below are some essential things you should know.

Your excavator requires two final drive motors to work effectively. If one final drive motor becomes faulty, then you will run into trouble. Worse still, if one fails the other has a high risk of failing too.

Final drive gear oil should be checked about every 100 hours of operation or once a month. Buying a new final drive motor can be a daunting task. Therefore, you should be very careful when buying a replacement. We have put together helpful tips to help you when buying a final drive hydraulic motor below.

Basic information on excavator

The first thing you should consider when buying a final drive is machine information. In fact, machine information is crucial when buying any part of the excavator and not necessarily the drive motor. You don’t necessarily have to know the intricate information of the equipment. The name of the manufacturer, year, and model number will do the trick. In some cases, the serial number of the excavators is also helpful. Lastly, know the size of your excavator. We have three types of excavator sizes large excavators, mid-sized excavators, and compact size mini excavators.

Right Information about the Final Drive Travel Motor

Getting the right information about bobcat final drive travel motor is the tricky part. The first thing you should know is the model number and check hose connection on bobcat final drive travel motor. Next, determine if the model is two speeds or not. Excavator type can help you know if your excavator has dual or single speed motor. Excavators designed with three hydraulic lines come with single speed motors, while four hydraulic lines are connected to a dual-speed motor. However, excavators that have five hydraulic lines, such as compact track loaders, skid steers, and multi-terrain loaders, need travel motors. The next thing is to determine the type of motor. Find out the number of screw holes and screw size in flanges connected to the sprocket. Do the same on flanges attached on the undercarriage. If you are stuck, your machine vendor will be ready to help.

Make Sure Final Drives are in stock

You may come across a final drive motor at a good price. But before you make a purchase, ensure it is in stock. Otherwise, you will experience delays before to get your machine up and running. Even if the company offers fast shipping, you will have to wait for them to source the final drive from their supplier. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the final drive in stock and ready for shipping. Calling the dealer to ensure everything is in order will do the trick.

Go Through the details

Some final drives, such as Bobcat’s final drives, have differences that can be easily overlooked. Therefore, it is important to check the details before placing the order. Check the number of ports on the drive and bolt holes, and flange.

If you are ready with basic machine information including brand, model, and year, then you are ready to start shopping for a final drive. Gathering this information makes shopping for replacement final drive effortless and quick. It is also necessary to shop from reputable sellers in order to get genuine parts and guiding information on installation.

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