How to Benefit Your Business With Color Coding

If you work in an office like me, than you know how difficult it can be to locate folders that aren’t clearly labeled. Maybe Susan from accounting didn’t file them correctly (again) or maybe they all look too similar to easily locate. An easy fix to both issues is assorted color coding labels. Not only can Susan easily figure out where to put the folders, you also now have a eye catching way of distinguishing them!

The Benefits of a Color Coded System

  • Colored stickers on folders or files can help identify what they are. Whether you are using colored adhesive dots to mark individual files, or colored printable labels this system can be tailored to meet your office needs.
  • With assorted color coding labels you are free to device your own system. Different colors can denote to different parts of the alphabet for easy client name filing, or they can denote specific files and paper document folders that are needed on a regular bases. For example, new client sign up sheets are in the green marked folder, or the financial reports go in the red marked folder.
  • Color coding stickers can also come in easy to remove varieties, meaning you can easily mark important documents, and keep track of them, then remove the sticker at a later date when they are no longer needed.
  • Being able to print colored labels for client and document folders also helps keep the office space well organized and running more efficiently. If you don’t have to worry about digging through a file folder to find what you need, you not only save time, but a potential mess of papers.
  • Many medical offices already take advantage of assigning colors to sections of the alphabet to help keep client files in order. Lining up folders by color also means that if one gets out of place it will be easily spotted and put where it belongs. This helps cut down on lost and misplaced documents, plus the time it takes to re-alphabetize all client files if they get too out of order.
  • Assorted color coding labels are a godsend in a busy office space. If you are trying to balance multiple document folders, client data sheets, and important business information, having a system clearly in place can make sorting these things much easier. Financial documents have an easily found place, all the client folders are neatly labeled, identifiable, and accessible, and not even Susan from accounting can mess it up. (No offence, Susan.)

    If you are tired of a disordered office space, consider taking matters into your own hands and color coding your work space. Not only will it save you stress on the job, but it will help the whole business function smoother. Your co-workers and boss will thank you for the effort, and you can rest easy knowing everything is where it should be whenever you get into the office.

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