How to Develop Your Leadership in the Workplace


Leadership often sounds like an abstract concept. Yet, a professional development specialist can help make it more attainable.

In this installment of “Five Minute ProDev,” Dave Dec explores what it takes to be an effective leader in the workplace. He starts by reminding everyone that leadership is not a title.

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It is a quality. It doesn’t matter if you’re an executive or manager. Anyone on the team can help turn a vision into a reality. It’s an environment of supporting and building, not bossing. This is what defines a leader.

However, putting this into practice can be challenging. Leaders must lead by example and model the desired behavior. The goal is to inspire others to follow. This is also accomplished through teaching. Communicate what you are doing and what the expectations for a task, project, or job require. When directing, speak with empathy and understanding. Be kind, deliberate, and patient. But, don’t forget to listen. Communication and feedback should be reciprocal. Leaders also aren’t afraid to ask the brave questions when things are unclear. Finally, credit should always be given when due.

In addition to these tips, this professional development specialist provides a recommended reading list for further leadership growth.

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