Its a Sign! How Using LCD Signs Grow Your Business

Municipal signs

What is the point of having a business if it is not promoted well? A great way to improve visibility and draw customers into your shop is through installing full color led signs.

The outdoor led display is the first thing customers see, 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business if they didn’t have a sign. No matter if you display outdoor church signs, school marquees, commercial business signs, or a scrolling marquee sign for municipalities, more than one third of the population reports looking at an ad every time they pass one. So, if these many customers have wandering eyes, it is imperative to catch their attention with your own personal display!

Full color led signs are directly correlated with bringing in customers to your business. Eight out of ten consumers report that they entered a store they had never visited before simply because the ad caught their eye. And of the ones who entered the shop,roughly 67% purchased an item. That is more than half of your business generated just by outdoor advertising! Even replacing the sign you currently have with a larger one has been proven to increase sales revenue by 8%!

Additionally, 75% of these happy consumers told others about the businesses, leading to more visibility and profits based solely on word of mouth.

About 68% of customers believe signage reflects the quality of that business’s product or services, a low quality sign will only push customers away! If you don’t have any type of advertisement expect to loose over half of your clientele, as 60% of customers note that the absence of signs will deter them from entering that business.

Seeing that advertisements have such a powerful impact on the consumer flow into your business, investing in the right full color led signs is imperative for the growth of your company! Just look at Best Buy, 17% of their walk ins did so because of their iconic bright yellow and blue signage!

Overall, signage is crucial for the success and visibility of your company! Friendly, experienced and creative LCD sign experts are available to help you with any of your advertising needs, no matter big or small.

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