New Shipping Containers Provide Many Options for Home and Business Owners

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New shipping container for sale.
The variety of reasons that people want to purchase a steel cargo container almost seem to contradict themselves. While some minimalists are excited about a new shipping container for sale because they want to build themselves one of the trendy tiny houses, others want to purchase containers to store their extra stuff while they build out or remodel their current large home. And while some people look to 40 ft shipping containers for living or home storage space, others want them for a variety of other purposes.
What Would You Do If You Could Have Some Portable Storage Space?
For years, shipping containers were used to transport merchandise across the country on trains and trucks and across the world on ships and barges. The shipping is so big, in fact, it makes up roughly 90% of the world?s trade.
Lately, however, a new shipping container for sale can be used for many other options other than the original intend of shipping.
Many business owners see a cargo storage container as a way to store extra inventory. Large companies, for example, store their holiday merchandise in a weather proof storage container when it is not on the showroom. Additionally, some offices use storage container space as a way to more conveniently complete office remodeling projects. Furniture and other business items can be store in a container while the remodeling process takes place.
Some very small business owners see both new and used metal containers for sale as an actual business location. For instance, portable concession stands can be operated out of storage containers that are wired for electricity and equipped with running water. Some construction companies also look for a new shipping container for sale and use it as an onsite office. Once one particular job is complete, the portable metal container redesigned as an office can be moved to the next needed location.
How Small of a Space Could You Live In?
The newest trend of tiny homes have been embraced by a growing proportion of society. Transformed into a multi-room space with a lofted area for sleeping, many a new shipping container for sale has become a permanent home. A quick search of the internet can provide both floor plans and pictures of finished living spaces.
With the diverse way that these containers are being used, it should come as no surprise that the container market is projected to grow by as much as 5.3% between the year 2014 and 2017.

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