Taking a Closer Look At The Importance Of Signage

From the sign stand base to the use of custom glass door signage, there are many different creative retail display and advertising ideas out there – and there is certainly no doubt about it that signage in our lives is a hugely important thing. After all, the average person is likely to see as may as three thousand advertisements and various signs over the course of just one single day, and many of those signs will actually impact what they end up buying.

Such is the case for billboards, of course, which can be found just about anywhere that you go here in the United States. They are so common that many people will pass by billboards on a daily basis, such as on their commute to work or even just running errands. As more than seventy percent of these people pay attention to the billboards that they see and come in contact with (seventy one percent of them, to be a little bit more exact), there is no doubt about it that billboards make a difference in what products and services end up selling – and selling the most.

Aside from selling products and services, billboards can also be incredibly instrumental when it comes to selling experiences as well. In fact, billboards informed up to fifty eight percent of adults over the age of eighteen about an event that they later attended and enjoyed. And the very same percentage of adults throughout the country found out about a restaurant in a very similar way. It’s clear that billboards make a difference in all aspects of advertising – and for all people that are looking to advertise in the first place, at that.

But it is perhaps on site signage like we see with the use of the sign stand base that has the potential to make the biggest difference. While some people might not think that this is the case due to the fact that more people are shopping online now than ever before, on site signage like we see with the use of the sign stand base is still hugely important. In fact, most people – up to seventy seven percent of them – still prefer to go into a brick and mortar store to make their final decisions on an item, even if they might have looked it up online at an earlier date.

And when a sign stand base has been used to display signs like custom retail displays and flyers, there is a much better likelihood that sales will be made. After all, more than eighty percent of all consumers and potential customers here in the United States (eighty two percent of them, to be more exact) make their final decisions in the store itself, meaning that they are susceptible to being convinced to buy any number of products while shopping. In this way, the use of on site signage is so powerful that it can be equated with taking out as many as twenty four full page ads in a reputable newspaper over the course of just one single year.

The use of on site signage like as is seen with the sign stand base or glass door signs, if a sign stand base is not used can even be beneficial for items that are fully priced and have not been marked down in any way. In fact, a study conducted by Brigham Young University showed that sales went up by very nearly twenty percent when on site signage was used, such as with the sign stand base or other tools to hold signs like display racks, display stands, and floor standing sign holders. Other studies have backed this up with very similar findings, all pointing to the fact that the use of even just one sign stand base or other type of on site signage can end up making a huge difference at the end of the day.

Here in the United States and surely also in many other parts of this world, the use of on site signage and all types of signs is a hugely important thing, one that’s necessary when it comes to making sales.

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