Watch How They Make Braided Metal Hoses


The process in which a braided metal hose is created is fascinating. Yet, did you know that the process of making our braided metal hose has another name? The typical name for a braided metal hose is called a corrugated hose. Although this is a commonly used metal hose that can be seen in big box hardware stores, similar metal hoses are being manufactured.

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Another type of metal hose is called a strip-wound hose. Although the names strip-wound and braided metal hoses are used interchangeably, as seen in the video, there are some differences in manufacturing each type.

Braided Metal Hoses

Braided metal hoses have many benefits, and the manufacturing process helps to strengthen their ability to withstand different temperatures. Braided metal hoses are usually made with stainless steel and are safer than other rubber or PVC alternatives in many cases. They can withstand high pressures and are rated for full vacuum performance. Also, the in connections of a braided metal hose can be either soldered, braised, or made with TIG welding. Braided metal hoses are made with various diameters and different testing options are used when metal hoses are constructed. Braided metal hoses are made for a variety of important industries.

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