What Are You Printing Today?

Thanks to the advancements in digital printing you are getting closer to telling the story you have been writing for parts of the last 20 years. As a former educator yourself and a mother of two young adult daughters, you have been working on telling your story of more than three decades the classrooms of public schools in the midwest. Your full time years as an English teacher, your two decades of being a classroom volunteer as a parent, and now time spent substitute teaching once or twice a week have allowed you to gather all kinds of evidence of the magic that goes on inside of classrooms.

Most recently, your role on the local school board has afforded you the opportunity to visit every building in the district during the fall semester, adding to the growing evidence, especially during these most challenging of times, that teachers and building administrators are the unsung heroes of this country.

For example, your list earlier this week provided you more evidence of the ever changing role of a school principal. Your second stop was to one of the older elementary buildings in the district where the superstar principal was in the process of being so much more than an educational leader.

That morning, several families from the school’s neighborhood were displaced by a fire at an apartment complex a few blocks away. The principal was at the complex in the wee hours of the morning making sure her students and their families were fed and clothed. And as your school tour was beginning, one of the displaced families arrived at school to discuss the situation, and it was no surprise to you that the principal was ready to help however she could. What she was doing is what every single one of the principals in your district would do: serving the whole child so that they are ready to learn when they sit down at their desk. You were humbled by witnessing the exchange and you are so proud to serve among such amazing educational leaders.

As for the rest of the school, its classroom, and staff, you were also witness to many other outstanding learning opportunities. You were able to visit some English Language Learner students and see the incredible number of languages spoken at this particular school, and you had several kindergartners tell you about their stories. The experience reminded you again that there are few things more delightful than when kindergarteners write out stories. This year’s visits of course, brought a whole new level of care as you also saw cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning, by every teacher, to keep kids safe and in school. When the teachers and the children leave, of course, the task of evermore cleaning is taken over by a thoroughly dedicated custodial staff.

With these new reminders in mind you are even more dedicated to the digital printing project that you are now close to finishing. This story of public education in the heartland needs to be told and the combination of your editing software and the digital printing services of a local provider are giving you the platform you need to complete your goal.

The Latest Drafting Supplies and Digital Printing Copies Allow for the Completion of Many Kinds of Projects
From banners thanking teachers who are being called to teach both in person and remotely to the journals and books that are being written about the education of a nation during the pandemic, digital printing services provide immediate results. The latest research indicates that the global print industry is estimated at $898 billion. And if this number seems big it is because it is an amount that is estimated to be eight times bigger than the video game industry and one that closely rivals the auto industry. And at the same time that the technology of digital printing allows the fastest completion, it is also important to note that this platform of printing means less waste since there are no plates, films, or photo chemicals to worry about. Digital printers, in fact, do not need water anymore so a lot of water is conserved each year as well. No matter what story you are wanting to tell, digital printing is an affordable and accessible format.

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