What Goes On Behind the Scenes of a Metal Fabrication Shop


This video gives you a behind the scenes look at a metal fabrication shop. This is a tour of the entire space of a metal fabrication shop. It has a bay door to allow for each movement.

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It includes a steel rack containing mostly stainless steel. The shop includes workstations because there are three welders that also work in the shop.

The shop contains a TIG welder and a cylinder rack. Material is pulled off and usually goes directly to the bandsaw. There is a grinding and sanding station. The shop contains air compressors. There is a main fabrication area with two set-ups. Aluminum tops give a nice workbench area on which they can directly weld.

There is a cordless DeWalt section and another section with supplies, such as fluid sprays and blades. They have a plasma cutter that does not get much use. There is a jig table that is used to build just about everything. It has a large amount of attachments and clamps. They have a ground arm that slides and lowers directly to the jig table.

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