Learn How to Install Your Own Burglar Alarm


This video is part of This Old House series and highlights Scott Caron, an electrician, showing you how to install your own burglar alarm.

New burglar alarm systems are self-enclosed with cellular radio backup, battery, and siren all in one place. These new burlap alarm systems are completely wireless.

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This prevents a burglar from cutting the phone line and leaving you unable to receive any notification about the alarm.

Motion sensors are improved because they include still shot and night vision, which is sent to your phone. Some systems come with an automatic deadbolt that will automatically lock your deadbolt if you forget. This system can unlock the deadbolt and disarm the alarm when you input your code.

HD cameras installed on the outside of the house give you the ability to see a large area and you can zoom in. The wireless sensors that are installed on doors and windows are much smaller and do not stand out. The watch battery it contains lasts about five years. The video shows how to disarm the alarm. It also shows what happens when you enter the home without disarming the alarm.

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