Why It’s Worth It For Schools To Invest In LED Signs

When it comes to communicating, there’s no doubt that schools have a tough job. Even as technology continues to influence the way schools teach students and how they impart information, it can still be tough for schools to get the outreach they’re looking for.

Let’s be honest, a school is more than just a school. It’s a meeting place in the community and is often the center of activity in a community. As such, communication from a school is important and one way for schools to effectively communicate is with marquee signs for schools.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your school’s visibility and communicate effectively, marquee signs for schools can’t be overlooked. In fact, electronic school marquee signs, which are nowadays powered by LED lighting, are the perfect way for schools to improve their outreach to parents, students and other members of the community.

Need further proof that marquee signs for schools work? With LED lighting, marquee signs for schools can be the ultimate outreach tool. LED lighting makes up about 53% of the lighting market as of 2019 and that number should continue to climb as LED lighting becomes the industry standard. What’s more, LED lighting is longer-lasting—the typical LED light can last as much as 50,000 hours—it shines brighter, it’s eco-friendly and it’s more cost effective.

Many companies use marquee signs to try and drive sales revenue, but in the case of schools, marquee signs can have numerous benefits:

  • Connection: Any parent with a child in school wants (and deserves) to know what’s going on at school. Parents also know that relying on students to convey important messages at home isn’t the most reliable methods. Thankfully with marquee signs for schools, administrators can share all the important, need-to-know information, whether it’s upcoming events like parent-teacher conferences, report card dates or even snow days or professional development days. What’s more is that anyone can see it, any time of day since it’s always lit up.

  • Providing a boost: How often do members of the community end up missing out on important community events (like sports or concerts) because they aren’t aware of what’s going on. With marquee signs for schools, especially those powered by LED lights, no longer will things be missed. Not only will big games and concerts and dances and tournaments be properly displayed out front of a school on an electronic sign, but schools can also use them for school spirit purposes. Marquee signs can be a fun way to congratulate teams on big wins or students for academic accomplishments or even the school band it does well at a competition. It’s a simple step a school can take to encourage more members of the student body.

  • Simple to use: Traditional school signs, especially those that have the removable letters, can take forever when it comes to changing out messages and there’s a chance not everyone will be able to read it as they go by. A brand new LED display makes it easy for schools to change out messages (or even cycle through several messages) with a few key strokes and some quick typing. No matter the weather outside or the time of day, everyone can see the messages and if something comes up unexpectedly (like a snow day), school administrators can quickly get a message up on the marquee.

  • Cost-effectiveness: If you’ve seen other school marquees and thought that they look nice, but are probably expensive, think for a moment about all the benefits such a sign could offer your school. When it comes to communication and outreach, a new school marquee sign can be one of the best investments as school can make. Schools are always looking to do things more efficiently and an LED school sign can make that happen.


If you’re a school administrator looking for a cost-efficient and more effective way to communicate with your community, marquee signs for schools are very worthwhile investments. All important and necessary school information can be shared quickly and easily and the lights in the school LED signs will ensure that your messages can be seen by anyone, anytime of day in any conditions.

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