5 Ways Great Signage Helps Your Business

Customers are finding businesses online in greater and greater numbers every day. But there is still plenty of business to be had from local and walk-in traffic: the potential customers who walk and drive past your storefront or offices every day, or who happen by and are compelled by your curb appeal, branding, or both. Many of these may be customers who didn’t know they wanted to do business with you until they found your signage. And there are some who would have done business with you but were discouraged by poor, unappealing, or unclear signage. And almost seventy percent of in-store purchases are made by customers who report that signage impacted their spending.

How many times have you been in a neighborhood, or wandered a few parallel blocks, and found three, four, or even more directly competing businesses? What draws potential customers to one but not necessarily the others? Often, it’s signage. Great signage, designed by a dedicated and innovative signage company, can make all the difference to your business. Here are five ways how.

Business Signs Help to Build an Identifiable Brand

A good signage company will help you develop commercial signs that are professional, legible, and bright. But a greater part of developing signage for your business is conveying the vision and purpose of your business’s brand. Your logo, the styles you choose, and the positioning of the signage across your storefront or office are all invaluable considerations when using signage to identify your brand. A professional signage company will be experienced at including all of these elements and can help you design custom signs that make it clear to new and familiar customers what your business is all about.

Signs Help Your Online Customers Find Your Business

When a customer finds you online and plugs your address into their GPS, that’s a big step toward a visit and likely a productive visit. But GPS navigation isn’t perfect, and if you occupy space somewhere dense and crowded, with limited parking, or you occupy unconventional space, it can be difficult for customers to find you even with a GPS. Effective signage is vital to getting your online customers all the way into your store or offices.

Signs Can Help Your Business Compete More Directly

Frankly, many businesses don’t use effective signage, if they use much signage at all. If yours does, you have an advantage. You can reinforce that advantage, even over competing businesses that are using good signage, by targeting and positioning your signs strategically. Your signage company will work with you to design the best signs for strategic placement of outdoor signs.

Signs Are Vital to Taking Advantage of Your Location

Especially for small businesses, a sign is vital. It anchors your business in its broader location, helping customers find you whether they are looking for you or not. Potential customers local to a business report seeing a business’s signage up to sixty times per month. About half of visiting customers rank signage as the principal reason they stopped into a store. For new businesses, signage is of even greater importance in drawing local traffic, especially from potential customers who are new to the area and actively seek businesses and stores for their needs: they are looking for signs.

Signs Help Your Business Take Advantage of Special Occasions

Holidays, seasonal occasions, and special events local to your business are a great opportunity to draw traffic with effective signage. These occasions draw potential customers who are likely unfamiliar with your business. While you won’t be able to draw all the traffic that crosses your bricks-and-mortar location, you can certainly turn a lot of it away with unclear and unappealing signage. A professional signage company can tell you more about making your signs appropriate to special events, and compelling to potential customers from near and far.

Find a Professional Signage Company Today

Your business is likely already doing a fair job of taking advantage of good signage. But a signage company can take it to the next level. And with so many ways to gain, contacting a professional signage company today is a smart move toward maximizing your brand and signage.

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