A Look Into Common Legal Cases Handled All Throughout The United States

From attorney malpractice to pollution liability to financial reinsurance to employment law, there are many different facets of our legal world and many different skilled legal professionals dealing with these cases. After all, Judge Ward alone was found to have conducted at least 150 jury trials (if not more) as well as presiding over more than 100 patent cases and holding in exceed at least 150 construction claim hearings. And other judges have backgrounds that are often just as extensive if not even, in some cases, more so.

Of course, lawyers of all kinds (and well as law firms) help to handle these cases as well. All throughout the country, lawyers and attorneys do important work. For one thing, environmental law lawyers serve a hugely important role in providing and creating protective measures to our environment. For instance, lawyers working in the field of environmental law can help to shut down the industrial plants that are unfortunately so commonplace all throughout the United States. And shutting down even just one single industrial plant can have a hugely positive impact on the overall health of the communities that surround it, reducing overall rates of cardiac and pulmonary issues alike. In turn, this has been found to save as many as 5,000 lives over the course of just one single year. Of course, the benefit to the environment as a whole is quite huge as well.

And matters of environmental law are only going to grow more and more important with the progression of time. After all, more and more people are becoming concerned about various environmental issues. For one thing, up to 40% of the American population has now expressed concern over factors like carbon and methane emissions, as well as radon exposure, refrigerants, volatile organic compounds, and outdoor and indoor air quality alike. Issues surrounding the tropospheric ozone are also a matter of concern, as too are sulfur oxides and particulate matter.

And even here in the United States, we are likely to feel the impact of climate change in the coming decades. For one thing, up to a full third of all counties found within the continental United States are likely to be at risk for water shortages in the decades that are imminent. Other issues, regarding drought, food scarcity, and hotter temperatures than ever before, will also begin to make themselves more known than ever. But through environmental law, we can stave off many of the issues that are associated with climate change.

Of course, other legal cases are still hugely important. Malpractice cases, for example, make up a great many cases seen throughout the United States. Cases of attorney malpractice, for instance, are quite common, as attorney malpractice can occur in a number of ways. Namely, attorney malpractice will come into being whenever an attorney does not properly handle a case, something that can originate in many forms. When attorney malpractice occurs, it is sadly all too likely that the people who hired said attorney committing attorney malpractice will not get the outcome that they desired in said case. Fortunately, suing for attorney malpractice and filing a claim regarding this attorney malpractice can also help to make up for the detrimental effects they suffered.

Aside from attorney malpractice, medical malpractice cases are also very common, with up to 20,000 medical malpractice claims filed throughout the course of a single year. Medical malpractice claims will typically fall under the header of personal injury litigation, so much so that this offshoot of malpractice cases will make up around 15% of all personal injury claims filed over the course of any given year. In addition to medical malpractice cases, car accidents also make up a significant portion of all personal injury cases seen in the U.S. – at least 52% of them. After all, there are well over five and a half million car accidents taking place over the course of the typical year, meaning that up to three million people will sustain injuries – sometimes life changing ones, for that matter – in such events. This leads, at least in many cases, to personal injury claims.

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