A Low-Tech Advertising Secret We’re Going To Let You In On

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So much focus is put on cyberspace advertising these days. I mean we get it. We live in a digital age. But we’re also Californians. We spend a lot of time outside in the sun, and are more laid back than most. If you’re a small business owner in Costa Mesa, you might be missing a huge opportunity for mobile advertisement, and we’re not talking about your phone.
When we say mobile, we mean you should look into investing in a Costa Mesa vinyl car wrap. Typical vehicle wraps are used to adorn cars with colors and graphics that could be difficult to achieve with a paint job. If this sounds a little old school to you, consider this: A Costa Mesa vinyl car wrap geared towards the local market could reach around 91% of your target audience, and will get viewed between 30 and 70,000 times in a single day. That’s right, for just one capital investment in a Costa Mesa vinyl car wrap, you’ll see returns in perpetuity. That is of course unless your vinyl graphics suck! Below are a few basic tips for creating car wrap advertising that will get all the right kinds of attention from potential consumers:
1. Pick the Right Template File
We know we know, — you thought that this whole Costa Mesa vinyl car wrap business would get you away from a computer once and for all! However, in order to accurately scale and design your car wrap, you’ll need to find the correct digital template that corresponds with the make and model of your vehicle. There are several resources online to do this, including The-Blueprints.com and even Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest — you’ll thank us when you venture there, and so will your girlfriend.
2. Get Loud With Your Colors
The term “peacocking” is often used in the context of dating to describe the act of wearing a ridiculous clothing item in order to attract as much attention as possible, good or bad. This same basic principle applies to advertising. If you have someone’s attention, you’re halfway there! So if you’re in a position where you’re deciding between a matte black vinyl or one that’s the bright, glorious shade of perywinkle that adorns your storefront — go periwinkle without hesitation!
3. Go Big On The Typeface
Font, much as it is when you’re messing around with your word documents for class, is a delicate enterprise. You want it to be big so that people can read it, but in the case of vinyl vehicle wraps, not so big that the word can’t be read from one straight-on angle of the car. This is where that template and other assorted software packages could be a huge help. Remember Wordart? Because we certainly do. Go have some fun with the vinyl wrap version of Wordart, and don’t forget to ask your friends for feedback on the mock-ups!
4. Add A Cool Graphic
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then adding a graphic to your vinyl car wrap will really help get your money’s worth on the advertising front. If you already have a brand or logo associated with your business, slap that on there for sure! And if you’re a minimalist, words-only kind of business, now might be the time to add some graphic flare to your brand.
Once your design is ready, there are several companies in the Costa Mesa area that can have it printed on your vehicle. Heck, even all you have is your pick-up and a few scribbled ideas on a napkin, stop into one of these auto shops. They’ll help you get started.

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