Here’s What You Need to Know about Forklift Maintenance

Forklift trucks are powerful and versatile tools designed for industrial heavy lifting and transportation of materials across short distances. It is the workhorse of any business whose operations involve heavy lifting and material handling. When buying a forklift truck, you need to consider one that suits your needs.

Depending on the industry, you may decide on the following types of forklifts: counterbalances, side loaders, pump trucks, and reach trucks. Regardless of the kind of forklift your industry uses, maintenance and upkeep will keep your machine running for longer.

Just like any other material, forklift trucks are subject to wear and tear. It is imperative to uphold a regular maintenance routine to check the functionality and operability of your forklifts. This article highlights some essential tips on forklift maintenance.

Inspect Your Equipment Daily

Forklift operators require to follow a driving and non-driving checklist to ensure the forklift truck is set to begin work. Every day before kicking your forklift into gear, visually inspect for fluid level, apparent damage, tire condition, and operation of safety lights. Additional daily checks are required depending on the type of forklift used in the warehouse.

For electric forklift trucks, check for frayed cables and the level of electrolytes. The equipment specialist should check the internal combustion forklifts for engine oil, brake fluid, and air filters.

All forklift types require the same driving checklist, which includes inspecting the working of the horn, brakes, gear, and steering. These checks will ensure that the forklift is safe to use before every shift. The best way to implement these checks is to use a standardized checklist and address all areas of concern.

Follow a Maintenance Schedule

The frequency of how often a forklift receives a routine maintenance check-up contributes to the longevity of your equipment. Consult the forklift operator’s manual for the manufacturers, recommended maintenance intervals, and follow them. Any good forklift maintenance schedule should include daily, monthly, semiannual, and annual inspections.

Most forklift manufacturers recommend servicing your forklift truck-based on usage intervals and time intervals. Usage intervals are measured using pedal hours and time intervals in days and months.

Warehouse operations are more efficient thanks to the invention of forklift trucks. With proper maintenance, forklift trucks can transport heavy objects to the desired location with ease and efficiency. It is imperative to complete tasks such as oil changes, tire conditions fluid, and filter changes in time.

Deal with Issues Immediately They Occur

Despite daily checks and regular forklift maintenance schedule, there may be random unexpected issues that arise with your machine. For instance, an operator may notice the brake becoming increasingly soft throughout their shift. Promptly addressing this issue is a critical element in preventing more significant problems.

You can fix soft or leaking brakes by changing the worn-out rotors and pads. In case of broken forks, you may want to consult forklift repair services immediately. Promptly replacing forks and parts that are cracked or weak, can prevent workplace accidents.

Mast problem, which could be a result of fluid leakage, requires immediate attention. It is advisable to repair the leaking cylinder and replace the defected forklift parts, such as oil filters, to secure the performance of the machine.

Sign a Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

You should have a preventative maintenance schedule to help avoid more significant unexpected problems that could lead to machine downtime. Preventative maintenance will help spot potential problems before they even occur.

Following a preventative maintenance schedule ensures safe warehouse operations and easy forklift’s maneuverability. A preventative maintenance contract provider can maintain detailed records of the forklift’s performance and working environment. You can always count on the equipment expertise of your contractor when dealing with the maintenance of your machine.


Forklift trucks are a crucial piece of machinery in any warehouse facility. Proper maintenance of the equipment facilitates the smooth running of activities in the industry. To maximize a forklift’s operations, prioritize having an appropriate schedule of maintenance.

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