How Trade Show Logistics Can Make Your Company’s Life Easier

For those in the trade show business, it’s not an overstatement to say trade shows are important. There are more than 250 convention centers in the United States alone and for every line of work, trade shows are very important.

When you think of trade shows, you likely think of hundreds, if not thousands of vendors hawking their wears and talking shop with customers. It’s true that companies do this, but trade shows are important for many more reasons.

  • Companies can leave positive, lasting impressions on customers they meet.
  • Companies can form lasting impressions, because they can talk to customers face-to-face and really give curious customers a sense of who they are.
  • Companies can make direct sales much easier because trade shows often bring in a company’s target audience.
  • Companies can showcase their newest products, which is a big reason customers come to trade shows in the first place.
  • Trade shows are extremely cost-effective since companies get to address customers directly.

As you can see, trade shows are very important and can really set companies up to have a successful year. But it’s very likely that more than a few trade show vendors have all run into the following scenario: they arrange for vital materials to be shipped to a convention center for an important trade show, but when they arrive the materials they need are nowhere to be found, leaving the vendors scrambling or simply up a creek without a paddle.

So what can companies do to ensure their trade show freight ends up where it needs to be and you aren’t left address customers in a blank vendor space, left with nothing to show customers? The best answer is to hook up with a company that offers trade show logistics. Let’s face it: trade shows are important, but trying to keep everything in order to have a successful show can be difficult. That’s where truckload logistics companies can help with everything from expedited freight, trade show shipments, truckload shipping rates and anything else you need to get your materials from Point A to Point B.

Another benefit of trade show logistics companies? They can help vendors move the materials they need for a show into a convention center before a show and help vendors tear down their materials once a show is over. This helps save time and a lot of frustration.

You may think the trucking industry is in decline with the emergence of drones and other, faster technology. But make no mistake, trucking isn’t going anywhere just yet. In fact, the value of freight moved is expected to grow from $882 per ton in 2007 to $1,377 per ton in 2040. So as you can see, trade show logistics companies and trucking freight companies still play important roles.

Reputable logistics companies can offer plenty of benefits including:

  • Project management for larger cargo
  • Vehicles that are air-ride equipped
  • Transportation of trade show supplies to and free the trade show venue
  • Ability to meet the time-sensitive and tight delivery deadlines for trade shows
  • Time-sensitive delivery
  • Affordable truckload shipping rates
  • On board couriers
  • Climate control

Bottom line: if you’ve got lots of trade show materials to move across the country to a big convention center somewhere like Las Vegas, you’ve likely got lots of materials that are all different shapes, sizes and weights and you may even have delicate items that can’t be shipped by regular methods. Thankfully, trade show logistics company can handle all materials with appropriate care and get your materials where they need to go.

If trade shows are an important lifeline for the way your company does business, contact a trade show logistics company right away. A reputable and experienced company will help your company plan for delivery of all needed materials to the right place, help you set up and tear down and offer you options and affordability for getting all the materials you need to their final resting places. With the right logistics company, you’ll never have a trade show mishap again.

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