Serialisation Oranization and Safety of Track and Trace Pharma

Supply chain pharmaceutical

Organization and safety work best together in most fields. If you want to be safe, have a plan and a way to organize your thoughts and keep track of the important results. This is especially true in the medical field. We wouldn’t want doctors and nurses running around in mass confusion looking for patients that need major surgery, and we wouldn’t want our medicine handled in the same chaotic manner. Just in the past 30 days, 48.5% of people in the U.S. have used at least one prescription drug. Could you imagine the constant chaos there would be if we didn’t have a specific way of organizing everything? There has to be an organized and successful system to keep track of it all.

Blister packaging, also known as track and trace pharma, is a serialisation solution for companies that allows medicine to be tracked all the way from production of the pill until it reaches its final customer through the pharmaceutical supply chain. This system of serialisation has been reliable throughout its early stages of finding a solution to medical packaging. Track and trace pharma is the most commonly used form of packaging and tracking medicine in the United States. After each product has been packaged, an identifying code gets printed onto it for tracking purposes.

The organization aspect to all of this is key, but the safety procedures are just as important. Track and trace pharma keeps the medicine safe by the cavity or pocket inside the packaging made by formable web. Packaging with PVC and foil combinations enables the package to travel in a more durable and thicker container. There have also been packaging solutions implemented for children. The pharma packaging can be completed with child safe features on bags and containers.

There have been plenty of innovations over the last few years about safe pharmaceutical packaging and tracking, and we are more than likely going to be seeing a lot more in the future. Just know that the new techniques constructed will continue to focus on keeping the serialisation organized and extremely safe from production and packaging all the way to the physical act of taking the medication.

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